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Labour, Liberal Democrats, cross-benchers and Tory rebels in the House of Lords are said to be supporting two amendments that would force changes on the legislation.

They are calling for every EU citizen currently in Britain being allowed the right to work and remain in the country even if Brits abroad lose their rights. And the second amendment requires both MP’s and peers to get a say on the final Brexit deal before the country formally withdraws from the EU.

Which is basically a veto on any deal made.

Wham, Bang, and Thank you Maam.
The House of Lords will have overstepped their mark and put two fingers up to the 17+ million who voted for Brexit. Next step will be them tossing their amendments at the House of Commons (MP’s) and seeing what happens. Things are heating up.

Right now I’m feeling VERY angry at the way things have been done.
Two immigrants involved the judiciary, which was known for it’s EU bias.
Then the bill went into Parliament and the infighting alone was worthy of a feature film.
Personally I thought they would reject it and we’d already be in a state of civil war BUT after some radical heat, the bill passed easily through the House of Commons (MP’s).

Into the House of old farts Lords, and Blairs chums plus some who ‘just because they could’ are royally screwing everything up.
Once their “amendments” are put back to the MP’s, the battle lines will have been drawn. One tiny bit of dissent, an agreement of either of these really stupid amendments, and it’s going to stall Brexit, probably for ever.

The people won’t stand for that, political careers will end.
I’m thinking Theresa May will have no option but act.
She will have to do something about the House of Lords or she and her government, together with the ideals (or is it the illusion) of democracy, will be totally destroyed.
I reckon she will call a snap general election.
It’ll be interesting too as the Extreme Right, Nationalists, and parliamentary reformers are gaining more support on a daily basis, as is happening in Europe.

If that does happen, or street justice ensues, it’s going to be the fault of two immigrants, 8 justices of the UK supreme court, 122 undemocratic MP’s, a slack handful of the ‘self-important’, and a few of Blairs ‘chums’ in the House of Lords.

Kinda focuses the mind doesn’t it.

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