Velcro, Zips, and Silence.

Old school night patrolling preparation was (and I hope still is) all about no sound.
Gear tight but not to creaking point, clasps, clips, and fastenings taped to stop the inadvertent click or tap.
Zip tags removed or soft taped to stop that little ‘ting’ noise they make.
Laces tight, ends tucked away, pockets filled appropriately but with nothing rattling.
Over clothing if appropriate “non rustle”.
Footwear was always soft leather, DMS (directly molded soles), and laced, mil pattern.

As for velcro?
Who the hell thought it a great idea to fit it on combats and carrying rigs instead of straps, buckles, and press studs. Especially on pouch or pocket flaps.
Quick and reasonably secure it may be but it’s as noisy has hell in the quiet of the night.

I just can’t get my head around it.
Modern materials (well sort of modern) and no one seems to care about that ripping noise that can only be interpreted as man-made. Same moan for zips, plastic or not.
So take a look at your clothing. How much Velcro and zips have you got?
How much is essential?
Personally I change everything to plastic press studs, clips, or buttons.

springclipsGood sound discipline, together with situational awareness and careful use of cover,  will serve you well if you ever have to move covertly and close aboard to “undesirables”.

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9 Responses to Velcro, Zips, and Silence.

  1. Brittius says:

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  2. jlm990 says:

    Velcro is great to control the cable spaghetti under my desk. No place on my kit.

    • A desk!?!
      That flat thing with paper on top.
      A phone, calendar on wall behind it.

      Shakes head slowly and sadly. 😦

      • jlm990 says:

        Actually a cubby hole desk in my apartment where my computer, ancient fax machine, scanner and printer reside. Where I write brilliantly on my blog and make witty comments on yours! Not to be confused with the gun room, where all the real action takes place!

      • Phew, you got me worried then.
        The image of corporate you, jacket, tie, clean fingernails, ringing phone, soft shoes, shudder, scary.
        Speaking of the blog, is there another one? ’cause the shovel review is the last entry I could find.

  3. Perhaps button fly trousers are not such a bad idea after all. Carry a minimum of ‘stuff’ as well.

    • Yep, all what old school were used to.
      It does however astound me about what ‘some’ combat troops carry now. ‘Cover all eventualities’ somehow gets stupid when grunts can hardly walk let alone run with everything they ‘have’ to carry.

      I was lucky and we had a section boss who came up from the ranks.
      What we took the whole time was rolling gear only and a supply chain to follow. Water and ammo, a cape for the wet, and socks, he was paranoid on socks! Dead nice to hump somewhere and arrive with enough energy to make a brew let alone deploy.

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