RAF has lost it’s way.

RAF to ban women from wearing skirts on parade so transgender personnel don’t feel excluded 

RAF has taken uniform stance due to an increase in transgender troops
MoD hopes that it will show public that it is a ‘modern and inclusive’ force
Decision slammed by servicewomen as political correctness gone mad
One furious servicewoman fumed: ‘Everyone’s livid. We’ve been wearing skirts since World War II. It feels like political correctness. The world’s going mad.’

Know what, I agree with her.
Only consider this.
In older days such people were hazed by their peers until they quit.
Unless TPTB got rid of them first.

Some will probably be thinking or say “How abhorrant it was to do that”.
But I’m betting those who will protest are part of the LGBT(whatever) movement.
Or just liberal minded and politically correct.


Like I care!
I come from those older times.

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