Forgive them Lord, (Army officers)

Anyone got good, reasonably printable slang terms for officers? Especially staff officer rank? We used to call them Rupert’s or Rodney’s (plus a shed load of abusive names). Why? Because as per the title, “Forgive them Lord, they know not what they say.”

So imagine this:-

Britain’s top commander in the war against Islamic State yesterday vowed to hunt and kill UK jihadists. Major General Rupert Jones said coalition forces were killing the militants ‘at a rate they simply can’t sustain’ in the ‘most deadly targeting campaign in history’. He said the RAF would target the remaining fighters even if they were from London, warning them: ‘We will find you and we will kill you.’

I do love it when the name fits the person.
While the ‘passion’ (if that’s possible from a Rupert) is in the words, and “the coalition thinks the number of foreign fighters in Iraq and Syria was down to its lowest level in two and a half years”, there is the tiny problem of where they have run off too!

For example.
The Untied Kingdom breeds some of the best (or is it the worst) of jihardists.
Them who have quietly come ‘home’ to take up fulfilling lives driving taxis or sit watching television all day on welfare. They form the basis of another ‘front’ in the Untied Kingdom which could kick off at any time.

Yet they are in our green and pleasant land safe from nasty aeroplanes and drones and will remain so while the legal system, public wetness, and the politicians refuse to do anything about them.

Then there is Europe.
Hell,  they don’t even try to reign in their behaviour there.
Ask Paris what it thinks about so-called refugees on their streets, Germany, Europe in general and don’t forget the Nordic states.

The enemy have moved Rupert. Up-sticked and gone elsewhere.
Kill all you want, it’ll solve nothing long term.
In my jaded view, the coalition forces are now fighting in the wrong place.
The enemy is now within and cock all is being done about it.

This will return to bite our collective arses.
So far (the spooks claiming success over terror plans in the UK), nothing has happened.
It’s a failure to misunderstand that if you leave a problem in place, it doesn’t just disappear, it just waits for a weakness, an opportunity, to strike under its terms.
That problem being the whole mechanism behind the Jihardist let alone the individual.
That and the ‘protection’ afforded them by political correctness.

To deal with a problem you have to remove it.
Rather like a cancer. Best place for it? Incinerated.
To do that will need a campaign on the streets, a war in the UK.
Draconian measures to sort out the UK’s safety.
To do that will require a political will with the people’s backing.
Except there is that ‘tiny’ problem of political correctness to overcome.

Anyway, take a guess at what I think the chances of that would be?
Out of ten.
With ONE being no chance in hell,
To TEN where troops go house to house and deport anyone (and dependents) even suspected of terrorist, supporting a Jihardist, or extreme religious thinking, back to their ethnic origins aka out of the Untied Kingdom.

(Minus numbers accepted).

So ‘Dearest Rupert’ needs to sit down with our political masters, preferably on camera, and ask what the hell they are going to do about the problem of jihardists in the UK. It would make really good TV too. B.S. would be flying everywhere.

But ultimately he won’t and they won’t.
Why? Because they’ll never sell the idea of doing that.
It may take exactly what we don’t want to happen before action is carried out.
Even then, political correctness and the judiciary will cock-up the follow through.
That and international meddling.

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8 Responses to Forgive them Lord, (Army officers)

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    The tone of Maj.Gen. Jones, to my ears, indicates that the people of Britain, should demand firearms rights, because something of what is said that will be done, could, possibly, result in a wake of extreme violence over a protracted period of time.

    • Thank you but as for part two, that will never happen. The PC, wailing and flaying their arms brigade, won’t ever allow the law abiding to carry weapons.

      So for now, it’s CQB expedient weapons at best for the majority and even then you’ll be arrested for defending yourself.

      • Brittius says:

        You’re welcome.
        Part-II: Your government cannot be serious, when something of the general’s words will fuel outright violence. My point being, at least here, we are an armed society. A “Fail Safe”.

      • Seriously now I’ll give you a tiny generalised sitrep.

        SW Midlands (our zone) is fast becoming ‘migrant central’ with the wide spectrum of problems that always causes.
        The W and Central Midlands in general is rag country and well deep in the mire because of that.

        White flight is well advanced from most previously civilised areas which, as always, makes the situation worse.

        The numbers problem, if anything, is getting worse as more are cramming in from Europe just in case the borders slam shut.

        Alternative and guerilla press are reporting infighting between ethnics and the worst of crimes. Ground and ‘business’ turf is in dispute. No go areas (contrary to official statement) are everywhere. Crime with an ethnic bias is NOT being reported by TPTB or even in some cases followed up.

        Driving is becoming fun and 101% defensive. Ever seen what a confused foreigner does when faced with merging traffic from the ‘wrong side’? BANG, happens a lot.

        Hence the dash cam.

        The large amount of bars, cafe’s , and coffee houses doesn’t help BUT they are generally polarised by ethnic considerations.

        Thus the 39 steps from the door to the counter can get kinda interesting at times.

        Locally the increase in new faces is noticable. Spoken English is lessening on the streets. Local housing stock is affected. Infrastructure stretched. Fights occuring as locals struggle to keep what is theirs by birth right.

        Evening walks are finding park benches as meeting points. Loads of booze, comments, drugs, trouble.
        Graded RED by most.

        When we arrived here in July 2014 it was safe (once we worked out where the druggie areas were) and walking whenever wasn’t a problem.

        Nowadays I won’t let SWMBO out of the compound alone from dusk to dawn on foot. Occasionally I go out with the dog out of those times, but what I see ranges from yellow to red.

        It’s affecting said dog who is usually growling, hackles raised.
        That’s only started within the last year. Probably picking up on me but also with good reason.

        Usually I like the dog to remain silent but I’ll release it from silence if I think that’s appropiate. I’ve had to do that on a number of occasions where numbers got a bit high and I couldn’t understand a word being spoken or their intent. Assault is not unknown regardless of gender, age, or handicap. It is better to be proactive (thus scary) nowadays rather than purely defensive..

        So when I’m asking for steel, it aint because I’m being ‘dramatic’, its for what most experienced ops would consider as just being prudent.

        As for legal weapons?
        What a joke.
        No chemicals, non blunt obects, or blades, absolutely no steel, and the police go around tasing blind people as they can’t tell a folded white cane from a firearm. Seriously!

        Most cities and some large townships have a gun problem but the bigger problem is blades. YET you aren’t allowed to equip accordingly.

        Apart from that?
        Spring is just around the corner.
        Daffodils are coming out, and some of the local beauty spots are growing tents with all the associated filth that goes with that.

        What is needed is a sort out, or a flight out. Tell me. Do you think if I wrote a polite letter to Pres. Trump claiming racial, political, gender, age, and religious persecution, he’d let the 2 1/2 of us in?

      • Brittius says:

        What an unsettling report. I have noticed a slightly similar tone in other English people but they stop short of getting it off their chest. Soon, it will be pitchforks and torches, or, the the flip side of the coin, squires could find themselves captives of the invaders.
        Repeat after me: “What now, Mrs. May?”

      • Ah, the great British reserve aka never telling it as it is.
        Pointless really.
        I tell it how I know it, warts and all, and let you the reader fact check it.

        That way as you do you’ll find out I’m only scratching the surface and the truth is actually much more shocking.

        As for Mrs. May?
        She’s still waiting for that all important House of Lords vote.

        After that . . .
        Maybe a general election, the end of the Lords, the end of Brexit, or the end of the world?

      • Brittius says:

        I believe the woman is trying to sabotage BREXIT. That is my opinion. Probably why Trump is persona-non-grata, in Britain at the moment. Fear that Trump will either link up with Farage, or, fire up the civilian population, placing the elected people in a poor position. That’s my Two Cents (or, Two Pence).

      • Actually I wouldn’t mind that happening.

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