House of Lords stalls Brexit.

I think I can sum this up in a simple cartoon.

lordsspitAssembled 358 Peers, Bishops, and other idiots!
Everyone pick an eye of the 17 million plus
who wanted Brexit to go smoothly and:-

One Two Three SPIT!

And in doing so they will have started the count down to the dissolution of the House of Lords. To frustrate the will of the people is a dangerous thing to do. To then upset the House of Commons (MP’s) with their cross party support to do away with the House of Lords an entirely other matter.

To-date that’s 356 ‘peers’, 2 bishops, 2 immigrants, 8 justices of the UK supreme court, and 122 undemocratic MP’s, who have joined the list of people for who democracy is a foreign term. A total of 490 souls. Methinks “The marine” will need a hand.

Let the carnage begin!


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  1. Brittius says:

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    Break out, “the Marine”.

  2. equippedcat says:

    I’m no expert on UK politics, but doesn’t each MP represent a “district” of people? And if that district is against BREXIT, even if only marginally, then how is that MP voting against it “undemocratic”? Now if the district is for it and the MP votes against it, that’s a whole other story.

    • The result of the referendum is what mattered my friend.
      The majority voted for Brexit.
      That’s the end of it.
      A clear mandate to leave..

      Everything else that has happened is just being bloody minded, because they could, the politics of the rich, and undemocratic.

      Everything that is wrong with UK politics summed up in 490 names.

      • equippedcat says:

        If you want to rail about the referendum being referred to the MPs, that is perfectly reasonable. Once it was referred to them, then to snarl at a MP which voted against it IF THOSE HE REPRESENTS are against it is what is “undemocratic”. Only if he is voting against the will of the majority HE (supposedly) REPRESENTS is he “doing evil”.

        And with a majority of what, 4%, there very well could be 122 districts in which the majority is against. But let’s get silly, and say that 90% of the people in the country voted BREXIT, a clear majority in every single district except one, where there was a clear majority to REMAIN. Now, if 122 MPs voted against, at least 121 of them would be worth chastising. If the one from that wonky district voted against, he would be DOING WHAT HE IS SUPPOSED TO. If he represents that district, then why should he pay any attention to any other district? Only if he voted for BREXIT would it be reasonable to chastise him, because he would be voting against the wishes of those he represents (and that never happens… 🙂 ).

        I don’t know whether the Lords needed to get involved (here if the Representatives pass something, the Senate has to pass it too AND the President sign it), nor do I know who they are supposed to represent. If themselves, then you can disagree with the way they voted, but at least it is honest (and might deserve some one on one “discussion”).. If it is the “government” or the “monarchy”, then it is a clear case of the government ignoring the will of the people, and I don’t see a way to overcome that if the Lords are not subject to being removed from office by any action of the people.

      • Two words, party politics.
        It’s seldom an individual issue anymore, it’s what their ideology and party stance is.

        Only here is the rub.
        One party (the opposition) is at war within. Decisions on who and what to support are being made as part of a power game, an split of ideology within that party. It’s messy, nothing to do with people’s wishes, and is why half of the opposition is disregarding the people’s mandate.

        The other party is Scotland. They want independence, their actions were to frustrate the process to try and force their will. It didn’t work. That was their political goal.

        The house of lords is an anacronism. A throw back to medievil days. Non elected, not answerable to anyone. Only they have the same type of power grabbing, rich fools as the lower house.

        Can they be dismissed? The dissolution of the House of Lords has been on the cards for a long time. People and MP’s fed up with their incessent meddling and wacky thought processes. This may be enough to trigger a meaniful debate on their future.

        They knew that, they were warned across the political parties, in the media, and by popular messaging. They ignored it and there will be reaction.

        Only consider the worst case scenario, Brexit doesn’t happen.
        Will everyone just shrug and roll over? Word on our streets is discontentment at the delay.

        That delay that is costing money as saving rates are tied into this turmoil. Business can’t get finance as banks aren’t lending as interest rates don’t make them enough money.

        Money, money, money, and now a further delay by a group of rich old farts. Political careers will end if brexit fails, their survival may mean drastic measures ensue.

        Don’t forget Nationalism is also growing and if brexit fails it will boil over into anger. We’ve seen the preliminary rounds and a lot left because of it.
        I read about a Polish Far right activist is coming over here. Will his voice be one of appeasement or anger? Anger on tetchy taught emotions may trigger violence.

        All this could be avoided by letting negotiations carry on. A process now stalled.

        This ain’t rocket science.
        The more ‘energetic people’ will be looking at someone to blame for the delay. If they can’t get to the management than anyone will do.

        Right, wrong, does it matter?
        The UK is a class society and right now the bottom poor are looking at the top rich thinking “Bastards”.

        Can you think of a simpler catalyst for conflict?

      • equippedcat says:

        Nope. Conflict is unpleasant, but sometimes necessary

  3. shtfprepper says:

    *sigh* Another useless roadblock.

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