Trump pospones UK trip.

Donald Trump has been forced to postpone his state visit to Britain following mounting controversy over the trip, according to reports. The US President expressed concerns about his visit, which had been planned for June, during  a phone call with Theresa May last month. 

The Sun report that the visit is now expected to take place from 5 to 8 October, in an attempt to avoid mass protests.

Personally I think he’s wrong.
The liberal press will report it as a ‘victory’ and that should NEVER be allowed.
This has Theresa May’s stamp of wetness all over it.
You should never bow down to a rabid few.
It’s appeasement politics and why for years the UK has been in a state of disarray.

After all he is the President of the US, it will be a state visit, and it should be up to the UK to afford him the security, honour, and respect that demands.

That and I’d love to see a few of our Liberal minded fools, religious nuts, and anarchists getting their heads wacked by our politically correct police force.

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