Getting By.


There are few people who don’t respond to a friendly face and tone, good eye contact, and a gesture of openness. Well sort of.

It’s kinda important to read every situation carefully, suss the mood of the other, to pick up on the passion of the moment. Which gets VERY difficult when faced with other races, cultural differences, and sometimes officialdom.

It’s a melting pot of races and cultures in some parts of the UK and as such you need some sort of generalised body language and speech which won’t ‘usually’ invoke a reaction.

I’m thinking that unfortunately the problem manifests itself a lot where the other ‘party’ doesn’t want to integrate with the accepted norm and refuses to:-
Speak the language, applies racist or ethnic/ religious extremism to everything, hates you for your colour, and everything you apparently ‘stand for’. Sound familiar?
If it doesn’t you really don’t understand what is happening around you, the wider issues, or you live a very sheltered life.

So what works “most of the time”, in the UK.
I’m talking about a generic open ‘friendly’ manner and face.

The open stance body has arms and legs not crossed in any way. So no folded arms.
Open hands show the other person that nothing is being concealed.
A calm confident manner exhibits no fidgeting or touching of the face.
Both body language signs of nervousness.

Open legs (typically waist to shoulder width apart) that are not crossed.
Legs that are parallel to the other and definitely not in a combat stance.

The head may be directed solely towards the other person or may be looking around while keeping the interrogator within your field of view. Interested in what is going around you, not target fixated.

Now add an unforced relaxed smile.

Eye contact needs to be relaxed and prolonged.
When someone approaches, smile and maintain an easy eye contact throughout the conversation. In a one-on-one scenario, maintain eye contact for 7 to 10 seconds. In a group scenario, maintain eye contact for 3 to 5 seconds. and switch your point of ‘interest’ frequently.

Don’t appear distracted.
For example, don’t answer your phone or multitask conversations.

Try to identify the important person present.
Sometimes they won’t be the one talking or in your face.
That is sometimes left to subordinates.
If you can positively identify the Alfa person, answer questions made but towards the Alpha. An acknowledgement of their standing, a nod for instance shows respect but maintain eye contact with that person.
It also shows you understand the dynamics of the situation.
NEVER lose your cool. Speak evenly and clearly.
Remember the interrogator may have been ordered to provoke a reaction.
To negate that may be all that saves you.

Observe your proxemics, your personal space boundaries.
It is generally acceptable to ask a person to not invade your personal space.
Again, remember that the interrogator may be trying to invoke a reaction in order to look tough in front of their peers. Invasion into your intimate space is always a challenge.
Give and take. Move back if possible, double the distance given (or taken).

But I still haven’t talked about the obstinate ass who just wants to be awkward or whose game plan is to take what they want.

The open stance you have demonstrated has already visually suggested you are NOT primed for combat. You may be aware but to an aggressor, you’re basically pussy meat.

Thus the open stance is VERY dangerous and directly at odds with a ‘standard’ defensive stance.

So lets look at this from a combat ready position.

  • Always have a plan to defend yourself or even how to attack the interrogator.
    After all what have you to lose if they start something?
  • No one sensible ever goes into a potential fight empty-handed.
    Only a fool does that.
  • Distance is king in combat and you better believe it come a STHF scenario!
    Personal distance (proxemics) needs to be pushed back to the outer levels of social distancing i.e. a minimum i.e. 12 feet. That distance is damn close though and a marginal call on your reaction speed to theirs, their accuracy over yours.
    So back off further whenever you can.
  • You never expose your capabilities. Open hands? forget it.
    Ambush is what wins close combat.
    That faster than the other guy at deploying a weapon bit.
  • Close quarter battle is NEVER good.
    So if you cannot evade, treat everyone and thing as a threat and keep them guessing. Minimize your frontal exposure by adopting a combat or at least ‘at the ready stance’.
  • Where possible use an over watch. Always put them in charge.
    From their viewpoint they may see things you can’t but communications are vital.
    Sensible covert practiced communications or even sign.
  • Just like in tourists 101, don’t wear anything that looks attractive or even useful.
  • Eyes. There are two trains of thought as a whole lot of things shine though the eyes.
    A lie, worry, fear, the whole range of emotions.
    Some say that an even look is powerful. Nice if you can pull it off under pressure.
    The other view is psy-ops thinking.
    It’s a worry for some when facing someone wearing darkened or silvered glasses as you cannot see their eyes. It projects power plus:-
    You don’t know your point of focus,
    You can’t tell anything about what they are thinking or feeling.
    Thus some will be wary and withdraw from a ‘no eyes’ warrior.
    The problem is some won’t and at the first sign of that occurring, you MUST invoke your practiced ambush response.

Look, I can go on, procedures, drills, ‘what if’s’ but what’s the point?
You’ve only got three choices.
Avoid the scenario, Comply with the scenario, or resist / attack it.
Personally I prefer to:-
Avoid as getting hurt isn’t good.
Comply could end up you being a victim.
Attack in an austere time is fraught with dangers.

When the grid goes down and people, or the authorities, are acting independently of central control, they will usually be wired hot and expecting trouble.
Or their game plan might be one of conflict and taking what they want.
So unless you have a small army behind and alongside you, and a MASH unit on standby,
Is it really worth the hassle or danger to take on a few jerk offs?

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