Outlaw Democrats

President Donald Trump has defended Attorney General Jeff Sessions as “an honest man” amid calls for him to quit. (BBC)

Looking in from the UK, this constant attack on the Trump administration is looking more like political sedition that anything else.
That’s the word that keeps coming into my mind, Sedition.
That’s c
onduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state.

There again there is that bit about protecting the US against “All enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC”. Which is what these accusers are as they attack the legally appointed state.

Anyway it’s getting in the way of running the US, stifling policy, wasting time, it’s sensationalist B.S., pathetic, serves no purpose, and looks suspiciously like it’s being driven by a core group or single person.

That core group aint going to add up to a large number.

Considering the sourness exhibited by the losing political group aka the Demo-rats, and the failure of Trump to ‘drain the swamp’ effectively. It may be that there is a group within the mechanism of government (the low life’s we call here ‘senior’ civil servants) with dubious loyalties to the Trump administration let alone the majority of Americans who voted for Trump.

We’ve got the same here, anti Brexit ‘campaigners’, right within the centre of government.
Doing anything they can to confound the democratic process.

Perhaps it’s more of a case of the US government machine needing a spring clean.
A rooting out the bad and rendering them unemployed.

Yet a sustained political attack like this needs money.
Politically that’s the only way ANYTHING gets done.
It makes the loyal think about it, the greedy do anything to get it, and the weak of mind controllable.

Politics is a dirty game.
No holds barred and Trump is a mere baby when it comes to foul actions of career politicans. So don’t play their games, do what Trump was good at. Go after the money.

Trump knows how to do that.
Find the money, and choke it off, or eliminate it.
No gain for the weak, there is no reason to support a fallen cause.
Apart from treason or domestic terrorism.

Only remember you can’t trust the judiciary to rule on anything correctly.
They have already proven to have ‘bias’ in everything they do.
You can’t trust departments to investigate themselves or each other.
How can you?
If the enemy is within who do you trust that Trump hasn’t appointed.

Sedition is a hard thing to deal with.
Perhaps Trump needs to not play their B.S. games.

Perhaps Trump needs to take up hardball politics,
Boardroom style.
(Only without the Marquess of Queensberry rules.)

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9 Responses to Outlaw Democrats

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.

  2. The sedition against the Trump administration is being carried out by Obama loyalists embedded throughout our government agencies. Draining the ‘swamp’ will not be as fast and easy as some may have initially thought…

  3. jlm990 says:

    The individual is Obama. The money is Soros. The end game is a coup against the Trump administration. Won’t work, not against Trump. And yes, draining this swamp is going to take a little time.

    • Only two? You forgot the Clintons.
      And into my mind steps ‘The marine’.
      If we all chipped in with a dollar, I wonder if that would bring him out of retirement.

      • jlm990 says:

        Yes indeed the Clintons and their foundation. I’m wondering why she hasn’t been prosecuted. I would chip in 2 dollars. Or five.

  4. Here’s how I see it:
    1. Trump really is an outsider trying to set things right and facing opposition from anti-American interests backed by big money (unlikely).
    2. Trump is a willing part of the circus to keep us at each other’s throats and and keep attention off really big issues and the fact that we are too far down the rabbit hole for any of it to matter (possible).
    3. Trump is an unwitting straw man who is being used to keep us at each other’s throats and possibly provide the spark for civil war and an excuse for the powers that be to neutralize the power of the people (also possible).
    Both candidates were so polarizing that no matter who was elected the end result would be a US torn and divided, possibly by civil war (again). I do not have high hopes for my nation or our future. I only hope I have a place to escape to before the conflagration really gets going. I’m not a fan of boats, especially in Hurricane Alley but a nice hilltop well off the beaten path sounds pretty nice.Just hope we can buy it and equip it before the flames reach us…
    Yes, I am feeling very negative these days.
    God bless.

    • You’re not the only one feeling negative in the US or UK.
      Sign of our times I think although just recognising that doesn’t solve a thing. Western Politics does my head in.

      I feel sometimes that states under a despot have it so easy. The politics of the gun. So simple.

      I recently read an interesting article on the cycle of death. Yep, death.
      The theory was every now and again the human race needs a big die off to restore it’s balance. Modern medical science is preventing that as far as pandemics go so it looks like war in all it’s flavours is the only game left.

      I’ve got to say that there is precident for it, as every war has seen progress until politics regains it’s position.

      Mentally with all the politiking going on, government, and power games, I have little restraint and tend to lash out nowadays at any authority so the spark is still there.

      Physically I’m sort of fk’d only that reinforces the desire to show no restraint. Sort out a ‘problem’ quickly before it can hurt me or my own.

      Thus I guess I’m sort of primed for another year behind a long gun.

      God willing (and muscle memory) will see me able to look after my own.
      God willing?
      I’m very old school about death.
      ‘Kill them all as God will know his own.’

      So if it’s our time, SWMBO goes to heaven (nice thought), me hopefully to Valhalla, to once again drink with old friends.

      And no, I’m not trying to be funny.
      That’s how I think.

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