Vets for hire

No, not veterans, veterinarians aka animal doctors.
I’ve always thought you’d get better service from one of them than most doctors and it seems they have found a cash in hand way of making beer money.

Stab victims are paying vets to stitch their wounds because they fear police will get involved if they go to hospital, the BBC has been told. Some are worried about being seen as informants, while others fear being implicated if something bad happens to the person who attacked them.

Frontline workers who deal with gang violence in Nottingham say they know people who have paid a vet to treat a stab wound. The “going rate” is said to be £200.

Man, sheeple, animal, not a lot of difference internally and the plus side is vets surgeries aren’t a rich source of superbugs and filth most hospitals contain.
Not forgetting no waiting lists, insurance, or awkward questions. A win-win scenario.

OK, by law they can’t prescribe drugs.
But I’m pretty certain all these stab victims own fish or pets that need antibiotic treatments. Sort of nice really. Go to get drugs for the dog and get cured yourself.

You know when it comes down to considering what to do about post apocalyptic medical care, for the run of the mill injuries, a vet does it all including surgery!

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  2. Not a bad choice…vets have more extensive medical training than most doctors and you probably won’t have to wait hours for treatment, like at most hospital/emergency rooms!

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