Wanna ‘work’ for nothing?

If you do get a job with a zero hour contract.
The UK government loves them as it’s the single thing keeping the TRUE unemployment count down.

The number of people on the controversial zero hours contracts has reached a record high of 910,000. New figures based on an analysis of Office for National Statistics data reveal that 110,000 more people were on contracts that do not guarantee work in 2016 compared with the same period in 2015. That’s an increase of nearly 14%, and 30% higher than 2014. (BBC)

So lets look at this. You are employed (in the eyes of the government) so you don’t get welfare. You may not get any work for weeks BUT most ZHC prevent you from seeking alternative employment. Thus people go hungry or have to break the law to find alternative work.

When did these ZHC start to flourish?
As migrants swamped the job market and ‘Austerity’ was (and still is) government policy.

Kind of sick isn’t it.
They forcing you into dead-end low pay ZHC jobs or you losing welfare and just leaving you for dead.

Welcome to the paradise called the Untied (not a typo) Kingdom.
Courtesy of the nasty party aka The Tories / Conservative Government.

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