I’ve been a bit quiet today. It’s been a tiny bit fraught. Read on to see why.

It’s happened again.
These last 7 months has been a nightmare for us and just as we thought we’d got it together:-

  1. I got ill again. It’s taken a long time but now they know what is wrong.
    It’s not ‘operable’, won’t kill me, is an absolute pain in the butt, except that’s it, end of story. I will grow old and more crotchety.
  2. SWMBO grew a plaster. (called Humphry)
    All cured aka cut out and fried, it kicked the hell out of her (and me) but short of a 1 in a million chance, that’s it, dealt with.
  3. The licence for living on the river went up, 44% overnight.
    OK, not bad, an extra couple of pounds a week BUT it was still a blow.
  4. The government have written to me.
    A long while back they did this and demanded all sorts of documents.
    Apparently the phrase “you have been deemed disabled permanently” doesn’t actually mean that and it’s jumping through hoops time AGAIN.
    If I don’t, what support I get will be stopped and we will be reduced to living on £7200 ($8800) per year aka our combined pensions.
    All because they moved the goal posts, changed the rules, new guy in charge,
    Fk. You Paul Gray.
  5. The post arrived today.
    Greed is a many faceted thing and it’s taken a new face.
    In order to get rid of the little guys aka us, the mooring rates have gone up 40%.
    They want only the BIG craft here so as opposed to being nice, with one week before most of the live aboard boaters get their bills, this drops through their letter box.<< There is no legal protection on tenure for people living on boats >>Now we could cope if the government just let me bumble on as I am to retirement age.
    So, off goes all the documentation, but I’m not holding my breath.
    Hell I give it a fortnight after the form arrives at their desks.
    Why? It’s all in the questions.
    Can I chew food without help? Yep, SWMBO doesn’t chew my food for me.
    Can I slide from one seat to another placed side by side? Most people can.
    Can I press a button, or use a keyboard? Durr it’s designed for people to use
    Can I pick up a carton of milk? Yep
    Can I drink a cup of tea? Yep
    There is more, each question as puerile as the next.
    Thing is you’d have to be dead not to do something and doing anything makes you fit to fight.
  6. The final straw, the government have raised the local taxation in the UK around 10% or about £120 a year.

End of story?
We need an extra £2100 to live. That’s not going to happen.
So once again we’re in the wonderful position of thinking “We have to sell the boat”.
Which in a nutshell means we’re homeless AGAIN.

Only this time we’ve both had enough.
Boat goes, everything gets sold, one suitcase each, and fk. off England.
We’ll do 6 months here, 6 months there, on and on till we finally get our state pension i.e. in five years time. Or, if we find somewhere nice, we just might change our names to Musthavealeeky and claim we’re Syrian refugees.
(Coming to a neighbourhood near you soon). Please don’t shoot!

Now there is a casualty in all this, the dog.
At 12 years old we can’t travel with it.
Sooo, its rehoming time.
SWMBO is gutted.
It smarts for me too, except the only other option is an injection and a long sleep.
Something I’m not prepared to let happen.

In 2016 the shit started and 2017 looks like being worse.
I’m angry, well angry, want to lash out, but know that I can’t.
Worst bit about it is SWMBO is thinking the same and I’ve NEVER seen her so wound up about anything. That’s not good because although she is ‘cured’, stress is the LAST thing she needs. Aw sh’t. It just ain’t right to have a go at her.

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11 Responses to Screwed!

  1. Terrible news! I hope things get better soon and that you can work things out so you all can stay together!

  2. Brittius says:

    44% + 40% increases = They’re clearing the way for gentrification.

    Before the flood (2012), this community was blue collar, and families averaged roughly 60 years to 70 years generations went back. Everyone knew each other as family. After the flood, New York State governor got involved (“I’m from the government…”), and destroyed the community. Now all gentry has moved in and replaced, the former families. Took me four years and just started to bounce back. I drive a pickup truck, but all I see are BMWs, Mercedes-Benzes, Audis. Hardly any pickup trucks (considered “lower” class). Where you are, sounds like you are getting pushed out.

  3. Paul, can you move to another marina that is cheaper or are they all about the same? I’ve been watching CheapRVLiving on YouTube. You might want to check it out for ideas (people living happily in all kinds of vehicles), since you are already used to living in a confined space it might not be that bad a transition. Maybe buy one of those anon. white panel vans. You could keep your dog then. It’s what I would do if it ever all fell down here and I only had a social security check.

    • Hi there. Well it goes like this.
      Yes there are cheaper and some better.

      Yet SWMBO had a rude awakening about corporate greed and she’s not happy.

      As for becoming a traveller again, no. We’ve been there done that. Van, canvas, hostels, boats, caravan, it’s never what is done, but the law and associated BS that stops us living how we want.

      The UK abhors free spirits. It’s a cultural and legal thing to keep the sheeple quiet and in line. So it does everything it can to make life hard for those who want to live their way.

      The norm?
      Everyone lives in a little box, pays bills and taxes, shops at the UK version of Walmart, and runs up debt. Watching TV is good as is eating 5 a day.

      Sod it but it’s still early days.
      SWMBO is keen on doing the off grid mods and we’ll take it from there.

      Ultimately there are little boxes we could buy, in muzzie held territory, cheap as chips but imagine my joy at contemplating that.

      If it wasn’t for the dog (moves afoot to rehome it), we’d take a long vacation for the next 6 years. Then we’d sneak back into the UK and claim we’re Syrian.
      Or, we would have found a nice place to stay and shredded our passports and ticket home. You’ll know that tune well in the US.

      Pesonally I’d like that.
      I’ve no loyalty to the Untied Kingdom or anything else except SWMBO.
      What’s my name again?
      Musthavealeeky from Syria.
      Got a nice ring to it hasn’t it.

  4. DM says:

    that is a whole bunch of crap coming @ you @ the same time…I just read your newest post and had to scroll back to find out more about why you have just over 200 days @ your current location.

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