M’Lords are rebelling now

The government has suffered a second Brexit defeat in the House of Lords as peers backed, by 366 votes to 268, calls for a “meaningful” parliamentary vote on the final terms of withdrawal.

What you thought your country was the only one capable of stacking B.S. that high?
The same tired self opinionated old farts strike again.
All this is pointless anyway.
The action will go back into the House of Commons, they just throw it out, two weeks wasted, and Brexit can continue.

Only the petition to dissolve the House of Lords now stands at 111,829 signatures.
So that’s it,  the MP’s get to debate and vote on it as over 100,000 voted for it.

They were warned, they ignored it, silly old farts, now dissolution is an option.

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4 Responses to M’Lords are rebelling now

  1. shtfprepper says:

    that would be a large amount of BS to cut out of “government.” i hope they trim the fat and the EU away.

  2. Brittius says:

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