A storm brewing.

The saga of what to do next regarding our life is causing a few problems.
Our timetable now has a countdown, 204 days.
That’s when we will have to move the boat to new moorings or put it on sale.

So today for the best part of 4 hours (couldn’t sleep), I’ve been looking for alternative places to move to. That’s not so easy, as finding places where they will allow us to live on the boat are few and far between.

Meanwhile during the day, I’ve been contacting ship brokers to talk about what SWMBO “suggested” i.e. sell the boat (possibly sussed), talking to various people about getting a flat (apartment) as an alternative (that’s a no go), plus dealing with the preparation for carrying out the work we need to do before we could even contemplate 100% ‘off grid’ travelling indefinitely (now stalled by someone who wants to buy our old stove).

Locally the mood around us is bitter, angry and strained.
Which is about the politest I can write it. Anyway it’s getting ugly.
Boaters are fiercely loyal to each other and don’t take kindly to being messed about!
It’s also an uneasy feeling for me to find out that others regarded you as one of their ‘family’ even though we generally keep ourselves to ourselves.

This is nothing like neighbours in a street who at the most nod to each other going to or coming from work. It is a close knit community.

So, normally pleasant people aren’t, there is obvious signs of stress and distress (tears from a couple of the girls, including the rage variety), and that has resulted in staff hiding away from the residents as they are getting regularly chewed out for the slightest reason. In short the happy settled close community atmosphere has evaporated.

Now I can guess how some would see this as a trivial matter but what I’m talking about is a small settled close knit community of 40 souls breaking up dramatically after 10-15 years together.

It’s also interesting to see so many people going proactive.
Some have already booked alternative moorings.
The first going within a couple of weeks.
So where’s the community spirit there? Some may be thinking.
Don’t even think that as ultimately it’s a simple matter of survival as money (or to be exact how much people can afford) is always going to be the limiting factor.

This is something I’ve seen only once before and a salutary reminder on why, in survival terms, I’ve never liked the idea of a commune, colony, or collective.

To be continued.


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2 Responses to A storm brewing.

  1. danrr71 says:

    It strikes me as you would not be one for charity. Have you considered setting up a way for people to support the work you put in to your blog. I use it as my sole source for news for the UK.

    • Thanks for using the blog (although there are better out there writing about all things UK).

      As for setting something up for support? No. I write simply because I like to, and writing helps me with the nasty side of the of CStress I live with.

      Thanks for the thought though.
      Paul Gray

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