Dog tired, too much thinking

Mind going round and around.
Our list of to do’s:-

  1. Renew SWMBO’s driving licence. (we’ll need an address)
  2. Tell DVLA, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (we’ll need an address)
  3. Tell the taxman (we’ll need an address)
  4. Tell welfare (we’ll need an address)
  5. Tell the bank (we’ll need an address)
  6. Tell insurances (we’ll need an address)
  7. Tell doctor and dentist (no address needed)
  8. *Get 6 months worth of meds for me and SWMBO
  9. *Tell vet and renew dogs passport (rabies jab, no address)
  10. Tell our little group of works pensions (we’ll need an address)
  11. *Get the boat tested before leaving (yippee, don’t need an address).
  12. Organise a different river licence if required (we’ll use this address)
  13. Take out a river rescue policy (we’ll use this address)
  14. *Sell car if we decide to sell boat. (no address needed, cash will come in handy)
  15. *Meanwhile I’ve got to carry on off gridding the boat.
  16. Change main seating area round to *Fit a new mutifuel stove.
  17. *re-carpet
  18. *Refit Galley
  19. *Modify bed
  20. *Varnish right the way through.
  21. *A major 200 hour engine service is called for. Filters, oils, greases, antifreeze.
  22. *Order replacement spares for those used, filters, separators, drive belts, etc.
  23. *Maybe change the fuel tank sounder (rattles a bit)
  24. Organise a dongle to keep in touch. (PAYG no address needed)
  25. *Get a suitcase generator, 1200 watts should do it.
  26. *Clear out loads of accumulated junk.
    (car boot sale, dumpster for everything that won’t sell)
  27. Organise new moorings (need a B.S. home address)
  28. Organise temporary accommodation (if needed)
  29. Get relevant map books
  30. Sleep occasionally

Getting longer isn’t it. (*) stands for hard or involved work.
Only have you noticed how many people need an address!
203 days before casting off but everything needs to be ready and in place within 180 days.

Easy eh?
No pressure whatsoever (not).

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