Some people’s view to LGBT

Harrowing footage shows petrified trans woman plead for her life moments before being beaten and shot dead. Dandara dos Santos, 42, was dragged from her home and dumped in a wheelbarrow before being taken to a back alley and shot dead amid cheers and laughter.

The video was initially circulated online by LGBT groups in a desperate bid to raise awareness about the huge number of attacks against trans and gender diverse people in Brazil.

Warning non-PC comment.
Most of the time we would like to think that loss of life is avoidable round the world BUT the truth is life is taken for all sorts of reasons or even for no reason at all.

That and in some places life is cheaper than chips and guns an easy way of dealing with something not liked by others.

The problem for the ‘LGBT whatever’ is Brazil is a Roman Catholic country and the pope wasn’t exactly pro ‘LGBT whatever’ in his speaking about them.
‘Modern society, the pope writes, has devalued marriage.
“There is a failure to realize that only the exclusive and indissoluble union between a man and a woman has a plenary role to play in society as a stable commitment that bears fruit in new life.” To me those are pretty powerful words.

According to Wiki, about 8% of the Brazilians are ‘LGBT whatever’.
That’s around 20 million or about 1 in 9, which to my thinking is WAY too high a number.
Someone could suspect that the ‘LGBT whatever’ are tying to boost their numbers by playing with statistics.

Even if they are not, my thinking is those numbers alone are against them.
Have they considered that their ‘success’ has increased the chance of the more conventional thinking coming across a ‘LGBT whatever’ in daily life?

Bearing in mind that some abhor ‘LGBT anything’, it’s a sort of given in such a violent world, they may get beaten, maimed, and in this case shot.

There are simple thoughts going through my mind here.
Only a fool flaunts something which 90% may find abhorrent.
Only a bigger fool flaunts something where guns sort out 99% of problems.

Was that person flaunting it? Who knows.
Bottom line they were identified as such and someone didn’t like them.

As for my own thoughts about it?
When I was hatched biology, evolution, or whatever  made me a boy.
Otherwise I would have been a girl because at that time there were two options on the birth certificate, boy or girl.
No where did it say “Or something in-between” or “I’ll make my own mind up later in life”.
Add a conventional Christian upbringing and my mind was pretty much set in concrete on this matter before all this ‘whatever’ became fashionably popular.

Do I think that such a death was justified or even right? Who am I to say.
It happened and just like shit, that happens too.
It’s a defense in some law that flaunting yourself is a mitigating fact to what happens next.
It’s also a fact that on the streets, justice isn’t political correct, just instant, and often driven by ‘passion and anger’.

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5 Responses to Some people’s view to LGBT

  1. As a Christian, I believe homosexuality is a sin. So is adultery, looking at porn, stealing and dishonoring you parents. So is getting drunk, overeating and lusting after the girl in the bikini that just sauntered by. I don’t hate sinners. I would have to hate myself and everyone I know. Nor do I condone murdering sinners after all murder is also a sin. Besides that, there would be no one left…
    God bless.

    • Difficult isn’t it?
      Casting that stone I mean.
      Personally my soul got screwed many years ago. What I see nowadays is others forcing their fashionable views on me. I don’t take kindly to force.

      • In all honesty this is a pretty bit moral quandary for me but not from a Christian perspective as much as it is from a social one.
        On the one hand I have real issue with these people pushing their views and values (or lack thereof) on me. On the other hand the root of the problem in the West is that we have lost the core values that made us strong so I am all for returning to those core values; teaching them in schools, teaching them in the home, reinforcing them with societal rules and norms. Meaning I am all for pushing a different set of values on others.
        Teaching people that all men are created equal, that is we work hard we can achieve anything we want, patriotism, responsibility, self-sacrifice and honor won’t make it a reality but those folks who learn and internalize those values will move it ever closer to reality. If we teach that there is right and wrong and what is right a lot more people will make the “right” choice. If we teach people that we are responsible for our own actions and have a responsibility to work hard to make it on our own but that we also have a responsibility to be charitable and help those who cannot help themselves we will have a better world than teaching people that they are helpless slaves fully dependent on their masters in The Government to care for us, feed us, cloth us, house us, and tell us what to do and when to do it…

      • You’ve correctly identified the problem. The ‘people’ have grown dependent on the government, and all by design.
        Dependent people don’t often complain about much.
        No matter how aggrieved they feel, or know they are, “You should never bite the hand that feeds you”.
        Thus the sheeple won’t stand up for themselves anymore just in case their reward for subservience is removed.

        On the other hand you have those who don’t rely on the state.
        The state has a name for them, criminals, patriots, terrorists, preppers, feral, or whatever is today’s PC title is for them.
        They have a value system, the streets have one too, instant justice, no B.S.

        Somewhere in that mix is religion.
        If religion becomes a problem to government policy then it too is declared subversive.
        Thus the sheeple are told to shun that religion as it is not to the benefit of all.

        However those NOT dependent on government usually embrace religion and it’s value system.
        Funny old world isn’t it?
        The free thinking following the base values of their religion only applying street values and justice to what they see is wrong.

        Personally my life has covered being a sheeple, a soldier, a victim, a merc, to now a free thinking individual aka an enemy of the state.
        All because I’m not dependent on the government to ‘look after me’.

        YET in all that is the religion that I grew up with.
        Thus I apply a value system to what I see, and occasionally the justice of the streets.
        Right, wrong? Who actually cares.

        In combat I carried a bible.
        Round town I carry a blade.
        Right, wrong?
        Like I care what each side of the argument think.

      • I generally carry a Bible (even if it is an ebook on my phone), a knife and a firearms. The Bible gets used quite a bit. The knife pretty regularly (it’s not just a weapon) and I hope the day doesn’t come (again) when I have to use the gun. If there is a day I am using all three…well that’s just a day none of us want to see.
        God bless

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