Friday, line drawing day.

The marina boss is having a meeting today with the unseen management.
He has to address the sh’t storm this targeting of the liveaboards has caused.
There is a lot riding on this.
27 boats (40 people) worth of discontent.

There can only be two results now. It changes or not.
People live on boats for all sorts of reasons.
Some because of ‘issues’ with living within polite society.
Not a worry for us, we’re accepted, not part of the problem.
Only the more volatile of the community are sharpening knives just in case.

A couple of us have already held people back from stoning the bastard because of this stupidity and asked them to wait for the outcome of the meeting.
Simple reasoning, give commonsense a chance, give them a chance to change policy.
Besides why go off half cocked.
Storming somewhere and a lynching is much easier en-mass.

Today could get interesting.

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4 Responses to Friday, line drawing day.

  1. shtfprepper says:

    If it gets bad, tell them you have American friends who know how to sneak weapons into the UK. Let them get the drift of what you said. Ha! Seriously, good luck.

    • Send steel anyway.
      Everything refunded.
      Still I could just write my mate Vlad. c/o The Kremlin.
      After all now’s the perfect time to invade and save us as most of our armed forces is surrounding Russia and they can just fly over them or simply sail up the Thames uncontested.

  2. Hope it goes well today!

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