Another day, but still no dollar

Today still sees us (well me actually) in a muddle, with a ‘sort of’ plan, getting phone calls the whole time from others with helpful titbits of information, possible moorings, and support. Only sometimes other people’s tears and anger to deal with

Thus we’re going for a drive today (got to break that gently to SWMBO) and looking at a couple of moorings.

SWMBO is still mighty frazzled by all of this.
Gutted as she watches our little community scatter to the four winds.
70:30 thinking sell up and either buy a little box to exist in OR a one way ticket out of this mess I call the Untied Kingdom.

It’s a tough choice although until the dog expires, I think the box will win through 😦
I will get over to the US somehow, some’when’, eventually.
P.s. Looking for a job offer.
TV, radio (PMR, business, marine electrics, radio, and radar engineer), computer hardware engineer,  SOHO office systems, network cabling, CCTV, access systems.
Pest controller (moles a speciality), range work (I shovel brass well).
Security driving, was a bonded courier, bailiff / process-server.
Handyman, probably an ex-boat owner.
Works cheap, cash in hand preferred, no questions asked.

Ho hum, mentally I’m shattered.
It’s like we’ve become the hub of the community 24/7.
Too much information for my limited grunt conditioned mind.
Too much emotion for SWMBO.
After all she is still recovering from treatment which a lot of people seem to have forgotten.

Just getting on with the off gird preps is what I NEED to do to keep my mind occupied.
I’m like that. Mulling things over in my mind is easier if I’m busy.
That and putting a hammer through the damn mobile phone.

Physically my wayward knee-joint has chosen this exact time to play up.
Always the same.
Sooo it’s chem time. (Morning George, Bill, and Eric, the three spiders that sometimes sit on my shoulder in my chemically induced haze).

SWMBO is used to this so I have to brush them off every now and again and especially at meal times as the dog gets jealous as the lads get first crack at the titbits.

Aw come on, I’ve got to have a little fun!

So, morning, walk dog. Breakfast, drive.
Back home to sort out cupboards.
Car boot sale tomorrow for the pile of junk we’ll find.
Measure up for the big re-modelling to start on Monday.

Suddenly had a thought.
An urgent one too.
It’s empty!

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  1. Thanks for pointing that out…my coffee cup’s empty too! Have a nice drive today!

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