Mail Call

To someone serving in the armed forces, especially those in a conflict zone, mail is what you look forward too. It’s a huge morale booster, sometimes a gut wrencher i.e. the Dear John letters. Having said that those letters occasionally get nailed to the board of shame so everyone got to know what a bitch (male or female) your newly promoted ex was.

Despite those, it’s your link to reality and home, it’s important, hell it’s vital to some.

Now we have the latest in kicking the troops in the guts trick.
MILITARY veterans yesterday begged defence chiefs not to axe free messages from home for overseas troops to save just £1million. The dispatches known as e-blueys were used in war zones like Iraq and Afghanistan.

This is what happens when the people in charge have
aka that fool The Rt Hon Sir Michael Fallon MP. The Secretary of State for Defence
(ex-spurt in setting up childrens nurseries)

The UK’s armed forces are a mere shadow of what they were when I was serving.
Their numbers are positively medieval, personal equipment shoddy, food lousy, accommodation sucks, disrespect and poor management from TPTB is rained on them and their dependents like confetti, and now this.

Tell me again.
What possible attraction can there be for serving in Her Maj’s Armed forces?

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  2. I used to write to a lot of guys in the forces when I was younger. I even met a couple and realised just how important getting personal mail was for them.

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