May gets mad with Sturgeon

The Prime Minister Theresa May lashed out at Scotland’s First minister Nicola Sturgeon for having ‘tunnel vision’ after she demanded a new poll as early as Autumn 2018 – potentially disrupting Brexit negotiations at a crucial stage.

Someone really needs to give Sturgeon a slap!

Only the answer to all this silliness is simple Theresa May.
Force a snap referendum now. 28 days notice should do it.

Your government’s message spelt out simply enough so even Sturgeon can understand.

  • If they vote to leave, you’ll expedite them leaving like Putin did for the Crimea.
  • Then expel all Scotland’s politicians from Parliament.
  • All aid (aka support and welfare payments) will be stopped.
  • Withdraw their right to use the GBP pound and UK banking system until trade terms can be agreed.
  • Withdraw all our military from Scotland.
  • Set up temporary border controls with those forces turning back any trucks at the border.
  • Stop trains to and from Scotland

Any room left on the cigarette packet Theresa?
Just one other thing is needed.
Stop all trade till the WTO have sorted out what terms that will be under.
Which should take about 10 years if the remainers are right.

Personally I give Scotland a month before they start crying.
And two months before they string Sturgeon up.

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