Scotland threatens independence (again).

And in seconds, both the EU and NATO said that if Scotland gains Independence it will lose its membership and have to apply again.

A tiny little spanner just fell into Scotland’s First minister Nicola Sturgeons knickers.

So that’s no defence and they can’t call in England to back them up in a fight.
To join NATO costs 2% of their GDP.
That GDP which will be less than little as all welfare and grants stop from England and the EU.

As for the EU?
Scotland probably won’t make the grade as they won’t have enough money and possess little resources unless you count Haggis and Whiskey. They will also have to reinstate Hadrian’s Wall to stop everyone including business from leaving them totally in the lurch.

Hey I’ve just had a thought.
You know those refugees you took in, they’ll be all yours.
Expensive little suckers aren’t they!

Carry on Sturgeon.
Things can only get worse.

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