This years pandemic prize may be Bird Flu.

China reported 61 fatalities and 160 cases of human infection from H7N9 bird flu in February, the government said on Monday, much higher than in previous years and bringing the death toll in this winter’s outbreaks to 161 since October.

Interesting isn’t it.
The body count isn’t that high as yet BUT chicken makes its way into all sorts of food stuff round the world. The worrying bit is that humans can (rarely at this moment) pick up the disease from both live and dead birds AND from a visit to an infected poultry farm or market. After all viruses can lay dormant in frozen uncooked product.

(Defra) found H5N8 (the baby brother of the virus) in a turkey farm in Lincolnshire and pheasants at a farm in Preston. All birds were culled, protection zones have been set up. H5N8 also having been found in Dorset, South Wales, and in birds in North Yorkshire.

It’s coming in with migrant birds we are told.
Who cares how. It’s coming in and few sheeple know about it!

It is said that eating cooked product will prevent you catching anything “virus”.
Yet this sort of iconic picture of what was served up in an army mess (canteen) MUST ring alarm bells.

The WHO classify the basic virus as influenza type A (aka mild) BUT type A can often lead to cross-species infections. Bird to animal to human? It’s not much of a stretch of the imagination to be thinking it’s possible.
Add a bit of evolution of a virus and you’ve got sickness.

p.s. Bad food is still a feature of the armed forces nowadays as most base cooking is contracted out to the lowest possible bidder. Imagine if that raw chicken was infected, the soldier picked up the bug, close living with others, and sod all they can do to effectively treat viruses.

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  1. Brittius says:

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  2. Big, industrial scale farms and processors concern me as much as computer technology seems to concern you. These days there are so many more outbreaks of so many things that I have never heard of before. Ground meat seems to be in an eternal state of recall or risk that we try and grind all our own. Even veggies like lettuce and broccoli seem to be carriers of various diseases these days. I have always preferred my steaks medium rare but no more. It is at least medium and anything ground is medium well or better. For all the supposed health benefits of raw foods (especially veggies) I prefer not to risk infection and loose some nutrients but applying heat.
    God bless

    • Interesting you should say that.
      Talking to SWMBO today we both commented that the last time we ate FRESH vegtables was when we grew our own. Everything today coming in plastic and chilled to death. That can’t be good for you.
      GB to you.

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