Slam, slide, thump, pad, pad, pad

What the heck was that!
As I cringed on my chair supping a cup of tea.
A bloody DUCK had decided to look at the top of our boat for a nesting site again, hit the roof, skidded on the dew covered paint, and crashed into our gang-plank.
Cute they may be but the damn things are everywhere on the boats and it’s driving us all mad because it starts in the pre-dawn and goes on till it gets dark.

If it wasn’t for the CCTV, food would get a lot more interesting!
Nature is wonderful? Pah!
Try 3 hours sleep every night for the last week.

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  1. At least we don’t have twinkling lights like some boats here. No doubt the ducks would be using them as landing beacons!

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