Dunno if it’s even worth a mention

A woman was robbed at knifepoint by a 12-year-old boy as she walked her dog.
Nothing unusual there but this is where the reporting gets stupid (and very PC).
The child fled with jewellery following the daylight attack on Tuesday at around 5pm.
The child was reported to be holding a knife and demanded money and jewellery from the victim, aged in her 60s. She handed over her jewellery before the boy ran off.

This sort of thing happens all over the world except why call the little sod “The Child“.
Big enough to carry and brandish a weapon, he is no longer a child.
He gave up the right to be called “The Child” when he threatened a 60+ old lady with a blade.

BUT, political correctness and the law say he’s a child.
Age of criminal responsibility.
The age of criminal responsibility in England and Wales is 10 years old.
This means that children under 10 can’t be arrested or charged with a crime. 

Woah. Under 10?
So he is criminally responsible thus, at best, he’s a little shit, a thug, a thief, a criminal, a mugger, or whatever.

The courts will probably just stop him from using his X-box for a week.
That’s about as aggressive they are towards a ‘young’ child committing crime.
When what is needed is:-

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4 Responses to Dunno if it’s even worth a mention

  1. Brittius says:

    Juvenile Offender. The courts affirm (here in New York), that “innocence of age”, is compelling.
    Unless a violent felony, or, able to reasonably understand their crime(s), courts will not charge as an adult. It was further affirmed that a prison setting was not conducive to correcting a child. Usually, they end up worse animals than when they went in and, they are pediphile tagets in prison.
    I have seen stupid kids, and I have seen vicious kids. Some were abused by their family, most were neglected. The largest portion of “adjustment”, was when single/unwed mothers used to tell me to beat their child to straighten them out, and the kid went into a fear/panic mode simply hearing their mother say that in front of them, and looking at me, “the mean cop”.

    When youth gangs were taken into the station house, it never failed, I was called in off of patrol, and after a few minutes of being in their faces, there would be a pool of tears on the floor. They thought they were tough guys, until they met me, then they discovered that they were boys.

    One vicious kid went to prison for some time, due to his age and crime. When he came out, he returned to crime, and was arrested by some cops in the command. I walked in for some paperwork, accident reports, and the kid was going insane because he knew that he was going back to prison and screamed about being constantly raped and forced into sodomy acts. The lightbulb in his head went on a bit too late for him. He robbed a woman and raped her, slashing her with a knife.

    • Gladiator school is how I know it.

      I knew a young thug once, in and out of court rooms regularly but never punished much. One night the locals had enough. He was found the next day secured by barbed wire to a lamp post, naked, the result of about 200 lashes all over him, and a note round his neck.

      This is your only warning.

      Warning eh?
      The punch line was the lamp post was DIRECTLY in front of a police station.
      They taking 4 hours to “find him”.

      The day after he came out of hospital, the family left. That could have been due to the bucket of petrol left on their doorstep that helped them make the right decision..

      It never pays to upset forces personnel and hurt a dependent.

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