Holland is lost

Another European country joins France, Norway, Sweden (although it’s forbidden to tell the truth there), Denmark, and Germany (it’s also forbidden to tell the truth there), whose systems of government don’t really understand what is going on, hangs onto the white flag of political correctness, multiculturalism, religious tolerance, and mass uncontrolled immigration, thanks to Merkel.

Ultimately those governments and the population will all kneel down before the Crescent, their culture gone, their woman and children raped, their nations ruined.

What is it about sheeple that they hang onto everything they have grown used to despite the blatantly obvious faults or dangers?

Geert Wilders spoke the truth, took a stand, and the weak ran screaming from his words.
That says a lot about the Dutch electorate to me.

So, what now?
The European Union was quick to congratulate the Dutch.
That in itself should be enough to say “Hey guys, wrong choice”.
Only this was the Union that trampled over the result of a Dutch referendum on freedom of movement as it rubber stamped visa-free access for 40 MILLION Ukrainians.
Short memories have the Dutch. 60% of them voted against that.
Probably down to the wacky baccy they all seem to smoke.

As for Wilders?
His party (PVV) won 19 seats.
Ordinarily that would be enough to be a significant player in the government soon to be formed. Only I doubt it. It will turn out to be another coalition of the confused, and as such will achieve little as they argue among themselves at what to do next, thus allowing the very elements Wilders warned about to run free, wild, and grow in power.

The political parties, and the first thing that strikes you is THE NUMBER OF THEM.
(Numbers in brackets the seats they hold).

VVD – People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (32)
PvdA – Labour Party (9)
PVV – Party for Freedom (19)
SP – Socialist Party (14)
CDA – Christian Democratic Appeal (19)
D66 – Democrats 66 (19)

Other (16)
CU – Christian Union, (5)
GL – GreenLeft, (4)
SGP – Reformed Political Party, (3)
PvdD – Party for the Animals, (2)
50PLUS – 50PLUS, (2)

I don’t know, I have such great hopes for Wilders.
The worry for me now is this may have also tainted Marine LePens campaign.
I hope not.
If it does we’ll be able to accurately predict Europe’s fate as a couple of million ‘refugees’ per year flood unfettered into the failing EU (one state under Germany).

I suppose there is one advantage.
With every ‘hot climate’ nation in the Northern Hemisphere relocating to Europe.
When we have had enough of the UK, I can finally live (and die) to my signature statement, “I can starve anywhere, but would prefer to do so where it is warm”.

Ho hum.

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