Getting to grip with the problem.

If everyone leaves us alone, we keep on floating, change venues, and carry on with the rest of our lives. I’m pretty sure within a month or two I’ll be that sweet little, smiling, courteous, bunny again.

Give or take a few percent.

If however the government go and spoil our ‘little bit of home boat ownership’, then we will have to move rapidly and sell the boat, make a little pile of our worth, sell what we can, and then decide our next move. Only I need to know what is in store for us and when.

I don’t do multitasking nowadays.
I’ve tried but no. Single task man is me. The brainy work is left to SWMBO.
So reams of drawer lining paper have been used working out the best option depending on events and still it boils down to ‘It all depends on what the government does’!

Damn it! I hate ‘un’civil servants!
Give me a deadline or task to do and I’ll complete it.
Usually on budget and within the stated time frame.
Tell me I can’t do something, and I’m likely to do it anyway.
If only to piss someone off.
I’ve always been the same.
Failure is not an option but shit does happen occasionally.

But leaving me stood here with my dick in my hands is cruel and unusual punishment.
Highly stressful, and may produce a slighty different mindset to that of a happy bunny.

aka Don’t get mad, get even!

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