Somebody DOESN’T understand explosives.

The US has announced a ban on large electronic devices from cabin baggage on flights from eight countries in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. Bombs could be hidden in laptops, tablets, cameras, DVD players and electronic games, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said.

So lets talk bangs.
To blow apart a cabin might take a large device BUT to punch a hole through the thin skins of an aircraft takes a lot less. For example a bullet through an aircraft’s window at 35,000 feet would cause a sudden probably terminal explosive decompression.
Even if it didn’t down the aircraft it would cause injuries if not fatalities.

BUT if you are going to ban electronics, then you really should ban ALL electronics including accessories because all you need is a battery / voltage source to make some initiators or detonators to go ‘pop’.
Which may come from a headphone socket or a USB charger socket in a seat.
Thus if someone comes on board sporting a personal set of headphones?
That’s your two charges, one per lughole!
Not big enough? Size isn’t everything boys.
Just how much punch do you think a medium to high yeald primary explosive could generate. Say 15 to 25 grams of Silver Acetylide,  ETN, or mercury fulminate.
They presented in a way to concentrate its force on detonation.
Google or Youtube it to see what I mean.

Ex-spurts eh? Who’d guess it!

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  1. More security theater or, possibly, just another mechanism to discourage travel from those particular eight countries…

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