A terrorist dies and the Queen is to send a note to his family?

Maybe she should have read the newspapers first to remind herself of just how noble his cause was.

‘I hope he’s in hell for all eternity’:
As death of IRA commander Martin McGuinness prompts a wave of tributes, Lord Tebbit’s damning epitaph sums up the anger of the terrorist’s victims.

Well said Sir.
There again there was also Lord Mountbatten.
Murdered by the IRA with one of his twin grandsons, Nicholas, 14, and Paul Maxwell, 15, a local employed as a boat boy when a bomb planted by the IRA exploded on their leisure boat in Mullaghmore, County Sligo, Ireland on 27 August 1979. Another passenger, Baroness Brabourne, 82, died the day after the attack.

The bombing was followed only hours later by the massacre of 17 British soldiers near Warren Point close to the border with the Irish Republic (reports later confirmed that 18 soldiers had died).

Write a note? Boy could I write a note.

Yet the hypocracy goes on.
Army veteran and great-grandfather, 75, learns he will face trial for shooting IRA suspect in 1974 as political leaders line up to praise ‘Britain’s number one terrorist’ Martin McGuinness. (Even though Charles McCreanor, prosecuting, told the court that Mr Hutchings, from Cornwall, fired his weapon three times. But he admitted it was ‘equally possible’ the fatal shots were fired by a second man, referred to as Soldier B.)

Scum sucking politicians, terrorists and the legal system.
Not a lot to choose between them is there?

Meanwhile, Have you still got a problem with recruiting and retention of personnel Secretary of State for Defence (Sir) Michael Cathel Fallon KCB PC?
You being Gods gift to all things military and all that guff?

Wanna know why?
This is an example of what soldiering for the Queen may bring you because of your governments political weakness and appeasement policies to terrorists.

Serving and retired personnel will be reading all this in the media, and worse for you, so will any prospective recruits. All having to watch the fawning of politicians for a terrorist plus the continuing witch hunt on the troops and elderly vets who were doing their duty.

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3 Responses to A terrorist dies and the Queen is to send a note to his family?

  1. shocker says:

    Many, many ex-services personnel are waiting for the dread letter from HMG to hit the mat. Where will it end? Will it end? Some years ago I mentored a neighbours son on his dream journey into the Army, three tours in the ‘Stan later, having been recommended for UKSF, he was made “redundant” with little warning or explaination. Redundant? From the Army?
    So, at 25, with all his best training-for-career years and opportunity gone, whats he to do? Who will hire him at his age with no civilian qualifications? Does he go “on the circuit” and get trated like a pariah, lose any Army pension and be blackballed by the British Legion, like others before him?
    This, and what you have spoken of: what kind of advert is that for Service? Is it any wonder there are manpower shortages? And “an army of reservists”…dont make me laugh. What employer will hold a job for someone who goes off for a year on an active posting? In this time of zero hours and bogus self employment “jobs”.
    I never thought that I would sound like the old boys in the pub, but now Im one of them. I am SICKENED by what our country has become and all the sacrifice made, to have it come to this. That McGuiness creature murdered by mucker and crippled me. I feel betrayed. Totally betrayed.

    • At 25 my only thought for his future is to get the Hell out of this Untied (not a typo) Kingdom before it sinks into the mire.

      His skills and mindset are transferable to civvie street and beyond (if he’s quick). Mine were.

      As for going on the circuit?
      Tough one.
      If you are talking about PCO’s there are some out there doing good work, respectable work.
      Others pay better. Dwell on that.

      Best bit about it? If you have a good bossman, you can walk away when you want or need to.

      So I ask you to ask him, what’s better?
      To use his hard learned skills earning a hell of a lot more in half the time among the like minded, zero hours in Tesco’s, or worrying about little things like the British Legion with their “quaint ideals”, where I’m not welcome either.

      As for that pension?
      I’m still getting one but there again I got a nom de guerre with papers that match before I started, courtesy of a PCO. Call it a fringe benefit.

      It’s the Army’s loss not his.
      Remember that!

      Paul Gray.

      • shocker says:

        Thanks for taking the time to reply, much appreciated. I was posting the story of the lad who was made redundant more to make a broader point than to ask specific advice. Though the advice is definitely appreciated !
        On that case though, things like the Legion and pension are pretty low on his agenda, I know they were on mine at his age. However, if one becomes disabled in later life due to accumulated injuries and finds oneself in need of help, it is surprising how much weight is put on the Legion by social services. At least in the less cosmopolitan areas of the country. It seems that unless one is one of the blaser-wearing in-crowd of the Legion, one is getting sod all in the area of help living with ones disability. Strange. I have no time for the British Legion and they have no time for me.
        Oh, there were a couple of typos in my last post, the important one being “by” when I meant “my” in the “my mucker” part of the 3rd to last sentence.

        Anyway, I have passed on the link to the lad and he is pleased and grateful that other people are taking an interest. Like you said mate, the Army loss !

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