And so it begins.

Major incident at parliament after alleged assailant shot by armed police and attack on Westminster Bridge in central London

  • At least 10 people treated for injuries on Westminster Bridge
  • One person pulled from the River
  • Alleged assailant shot by police in attack
  • Police officer stabbed and seriously injured
  • Police confirm incident is being treated as terrorist attack
  • House of Commons suspended

I wondered when this would occur.
Welcome London.
To the violence of uncontrolled immigration.
I’m now wondering how long it will take before someone has the balls to identify the attackers by Race, Name, and that all important Religion.

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2 Responses to And so it begins.

  1. shtfprepper says:

    It will happen again and again with no one being brave enough to identify the terrorists backgrounds and say it out loud. Whoever finally calls them out in regards to the bad guy’s ideologies, religions and status will be labeled a racist, xenophobe, or whatever the faux-rage crowd are calling them these days. For the USA or the UK, I fear it will take another large scale, horrific attack for either of us to stand against the terrorists and start to kill them. There are no repercussions except to inflict more damage and death to them than they have done to us. (By the way, there is no Like button on your posts any longer.)

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