The Total Losses Rise Daily

With trust and respect shattered, the marina where we are berthed is looking like losing approximately £108,000 this year alone as long-term ‘residents’ are voting with their feet, going elsewhere. Two marinas in particular are going to pick up a large percentage of that trade. Instant gain for them.

What greedy fools the management have been.
Such actions and stories of mass transit spread like wildfire within the boating community and it will take a long time before they recover, if at all.

Plus there is the loss of reputation as their actions have made a few of the boating forums.
No secrets there and not many are politically correct in what they say on these places.

Yet there is more.
Their much vaunted improvements to one of the mooring basins are about 3 months behind. So that’s probably June before ‘normal trading’ will resume.
Late starting (for whatever reason) may ultimately ruin this years trading.
After all if you can’t sell ‘the dream’ and provide instant moorings? What good are you?

As for new customers coming here?
When we decided on coming here, it was after talking to other berth holders.
Nearly everyone does that, it’s part of boating life. Not forgetting looking at forums.
Problem for the management is some of the part timers are disgusted with what has happened as well.
Only like all who live on the water, they will tell it straight, warts and all!

So, here we will sit till the end of summer, or until the government weenies go and spoil our life, gently upgrading to full off grid living once we know what those particular fools are going to do.

Living the dream? More like a nightmare.
Things will only get worse.

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