Another round of suspicion at all things foreign.

Yesterday’s attack on London and the obvious ‘skin tone’ of the knife man, got SWMBO and me thinking about the rising number of military aged male foreigners in the local township.

She is right as usual with English fast becoming the SECOND language you hear on the streets and in the coffee houses and shops.

There is also a very high value government target, not 10 miles away.
A high civilian (mainly ethnic) personnel count, all working “office hours”, so the potential for a mass attack at arrival and departure times is amplified. Thus for a short time the town they are in is out-of-bounds for the two hours either side of the shift changes.

Yet defence against a random attack using vehicles and blades within an unarmed population is almost impossible without arming yourself and few have the training (or the will) to knife dance. Even worse, nobody within UK law has the right to conceal or even open carry firearms, other weapons, or even a chemical defence.

So I’ll be talking about the mantra of “Distance is King” again and insisting she suddenly needs the assistance of a walking stick. A heavy, ash one.

I won’t be teaching her to knife dance or even how to use a knife.
That’s stupid as is anyone thinking knife dancing will save you from being cut.
Better to put two things between you and an attacker.
Distance and something really SOLID.
That and brush up on situational awareness.

Just as I didn’t think things could get much worse for us !?!

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