Words of Wool not Steel.

ACTING Deputy Commissioner and Head of Counter Terrorism has urged the public to feel reassured as London goes about its “normal business” today.
Mark Rowley insisted the capital would not allow terrorists to “sow discourse and fear”.

In a statement made outside Scotland Yard, Mr Rowley said more armed and unarmed police would be visible on the street.
He said: “As people are out and about today returning to the streets of the capital this morning, they will see more officers on duty armed and unarmed and a mix of metropolitan police, British transport and city of London.”

Two words come to mind ADC Rowley, Bull and Shit.
Anyone with eyes wide open knows it’s impossible to stop vehicles from being used indiscriminately as weapons without totally banning their presence.

Everyone knows that knives are in common use and carried by 8 to 80 year olds for self-defence let alone as offensive weapons. Without ‘random’ street stops, which will invoke cries of racist profiling, you just don’t stand a chance.

Armed or not, stab vest or not, a covert ‘ambush’ knife strike from close range is unstoppable.

This is 100% Pure Politically Motivated B.S.
Calm the sheeple, show pictures of armed cops, and quietly ignore the fact that London has thousands of roads and alleyways. The same for public access shopping, the metro has 249 miles of track, buses, schools. Need I go on.

Don’t mollycoodle ADC.
It reassures only the brain-dead sheeple.
Tell everyone to report anything suspicious, put plain clothes ARMED officers in key locations, and start rounding up the usual suspects.

Over 600,000 Muzzies live in London and Gawd knows how many other jihardists, radicals, and anarchist low life.

You’re going to need a football stadium or two and that’s just to hold the wet liberal-minded ‘hug a terrorist’ lot who come out of the woodwork at times like this.

You, at best, can deploy what 33,000 rank at best and approximately 2400 armed?
Against such numbers?
Do a France, call in the Army!
If there are any left not on deployment to guard against ‘Russian Aggression’.

Then it gets better.
The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has issued an open invitation to all Londoners and visitors to the capital to a candlelight vigil in Trafalgar Square from 6pm this evening.

Large public gathering, stretching police resources even more.
Nice one Squid. (Not).

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2 Responses to Words of Wool not Steel.

  1. I get you and mostly agree with you but one thing we have to do is to continue to go about our daily lives. If we hole up in the house afraid to go out into public THEY WIN. If we trade essential liberties for (the illusion of) safety THEY WIN.
    On the other hand, if we begin to develop better situational awareness, WE WIN. If we get more people to learn basic medical skills, WE WIN. If people demand the right of self-defense be returned to them, WE WIN. If people realize the that they are ultimately responsible for their own well being and not “the guvment,” WE WIN.
    We win because we become more capable and more empowered people instead of sheeple to be reassured..

    • I hear this argument the whole time.
      Don’t let them win.

      Well they do, are, and will until everyone stops being so darn PC about things and confronts the root cause of the problem i.e. Islamic Extremism head on.

      You don’t fight an enemy with quaint rules of engagement and from behind the constraint of petty laws when the enemy doesn’t give a damn about those laws in the first place.

      IS have claimed responsibility.
      There are IS jihardists in the UK living among the Musilim population.
      Grab them and even the score.
      Do a ‘marine’. Drag them out into the street and shot the bastards in the head. Today’s lesson for them and their followers being, terrorism has consequences.

      The objective of terrorism is to terrorise. Fine, only it should be a two way street. They kill one, we kill 10.
      They bomb a shopping mall, we flatten a town.

      Someone objects?
      They are terrorist sympathisers.
      Deport them and their families.
      Or regarding countries, apply sanctions, remove aid packages.

      None of this “You can’t blame the many for the actions of a few”. Why not? Hurt the many and they will stop the few soon enough..

      Then why can’t we in the UK be armed to protect ourselves?

      Why were unarmed police on duty in a high value target. This is 2017, not 1917, the enemy has NO REGARD for anyone least of all the police.

      Why is it always TPTB saying platitudes to the families as opposed to saying we slayed the bastards who took your loved ones away.

      Why does the judicial system get away with protecting that scum.

      What is needed isn’t understanding, forgiveness, and stiff upper lips.
      What is needed is the cutting of BS appeasment polices, hard action, and STRONG leadership.

      And yes I’m feeling all old testament at this moment, the eye for an eye bit.
      4 died for only 1 scum.
      They still owe us for 3 souls.

      No I have no peace or forgiveness in my heart.
      Haven’t had for years.
      Seen others murdered and nothing ever gets done about it.

      Rant over, nothing personal.

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