The worst kind of tiredness

Dog tired (you’ll see why), can’t sleep, mind in overdrive.
There are so many variables and problems going through my head.

And another one has become ongoing for the last few months but come to a head.
Remember the dog?
It turns out the damn thing gets motion sickness at nights.
Fine for two years, now throws up everywhere if we can’t get the hatch open fast enough.
Yep, I’m not making it up, almost every night for the last 3 months it’s been dragging me (I won’t let SWMBO walk the boards at night as it’s not safe) out in the wee small hours to run off and puke under a bush.
Once done, it sheepishly comes back to the boat after a half an hour (usually soaking wet like me), shivers for another hour, then sleeps.

Which is fine as it can catch up with its sleep during the day.
I can’t. Good isn’t it.

Before the doggy experts start.
Yes it’s been to the vet, no it’s not the food, a change in routine, or a different bed.
Yes we’ve tried drugs, music, lights left on, keeping warm, or cool, no food, food, exercise, the whole nine yards but still, 3-4 hours after going to bed, It’s chuck-up, techni-coloured yawn, or whatever you call it time.

How we worked it out was the wind.
If the wind comes from anywhere on the port side, we get a bashing, ropes creak, gentle rocking. Which is fine for me, I’m asleep in seconds. Not for the dog.

So I’ll just add that to the

  1. We become dispossessed this September (if not before).
    All because a marina owner that has raised prices to way above what liveaboards like us can afford thus everyone is leaving. Thus we’re looking for a new ‘home’.
  2. Government departments are writing threatening letters on a regular basis.
  3. Various other fools writing pointing out we need a permanent address for welfare, health care, car licences, tax, insurance, pensions, and banking.
    Let alone council tax (what we pay for living here).
    Nice one fools seeing as though we’re being evicted!
  4. Add the tax man who has a habit of wanting money we’ve supposed to have earned but actually hadn’t, they inputting the figures into the wrong boxes. That only took 6 weeks to sort out BUT the new tax year starts in 13 days so it’ll probably happen again.
  5. SWMBO is still getting over cancer treatment!
  6. Welfare is disagreeing with two of top surgeons in the UK about my fitness.
  7. The local doctor moving to a new building and there is a 6 week waiting list to see him!
  8. The possibility that we may still have to sell the boat aka our home.
  9. And now the damn dog !!!!!!!!!!
  10. No wonder I’m getting flashbacks and bete noire.

WTF have we done to deserve all this!

Life (but not as we know it) will recommence at 6h this morning after the damn dog wakes me up and loudly demands I take it out for its morning dump!
Know what I’m going to remember most about dog ownership on a boat?

Little black plastic bags, elephant’s bog roll
Stain removal, DOG SHIT, & VOMIT!

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  1. DM says:

    now that is enough stress for half a dozen people…just the run in with cancer by itself is more than enough stress @ one time.

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