Preparations Continued

Plan for the worst, hope for the best.
Always been our way, always will be.

So today we went off to see a boat broker about the possibility of selling the boat in the near future. As is our way, we’re always open and frank about things leaving subterfuge to those who for some reason feel the need to withhold all the facts.

Thus we explained that although we were talking to him, it didn’t mean it may happen, but we’re sort of Boy Scouts i.e. Be prepared against all eventualities.

Well colour me surprised when the reply was “We get this a lot. The cautious gently getting their ducks in order, carefully, and concisely.”

Now I’m a hopeless judge of character.
Threat assessment or if you are lying? No problem.

BUT as for making a judgement on a person’s character and trustworthiness?
I’m pretty much hopeless. The signs are just too subtle for my thick head to see.

SWMBO on the other hand is one REALLY SCARY judge of what a person is thinking and is like. This used to worry me, amaze me, annoy me even, BUT I’ve learned that if she gives approval to a person, she’s seldom wrong. This guy got the nod.

The words “We can do business now” is strangely relaxing to my ears.

Thus one form filled out, a firm handshake, and a non B.S. assessment of the ‘game’, we’ve come away feeling ‘un-chewed’ and confident this guy will work for us.

Thinking we could have been duped, fooled or whatever?
I may talk funny but daft I’m not.
I’d researched this place and business to hell and back before going to see it, including the marine industry, company house, credit ratings, county court judgements, and any bad comments written about it. Yep I found some moaners. But running a background on them proved them to be of the professional type of aholes you meet in every life.

Have keyboard and friends in low places is an advantage at times.
It’s amazing what you can find out before doing anything!

While there we ambled into the moorings office.
Unannounced (never a good thing and a good test), we quietly asked about mooring availability and costs.
WOW, we’d instantly save £2100 a year by moving to this new marina.
Yet there was no pressure, just helpful professional staff.
Then we got a conducted tour. Only here is the twist.
We were asked why we had come there (some 75 water miles) to enquire about moorings and we explained what was happening to us all in our current moorings.

The look of disbelief was astonishing.
What we didn’t know till a bit later was the person we were talking to was the regional manager of a large chain of marina’s in that county (picture found in their year book). “Things like this is what gives all of us a bad name”, she muttered. I wondered why she said that.

Still, the place was clean, well equipped, and friendly including the other boaters.
Yet another little community. Did I mention the £2100 we’d save!!!

Ultimately we’ve now got two options.

  • We’ve got two separate moorings to go to on different water, both at reasonable rates, both as nice as each other.
  • That and we’ll be getting an assessment of what our boat is worth and the likelihood of a time frame for a sale, the costs, and other ‘factors’.

To that we’ll add storage is sussed, temporary accommodation agreed, and a mail handler in hand. Not bad for three days work, 1/4 of a tank of fuel, and having to eat motorway services food over that time.

Are things looking up?
Too early to tell but the ducks training is going well.

There again we’re still waiting for:-

To do their thing!

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  1. shtfprepper says:

    Good news, right? Hopeful you 3 fall into the perfect place, no matter where you end up.

  2. jlm990 says:

    Whatever you decide I wish you the best and that you keep blogging.

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