What’s wrong with this picture?

Caution Non Politically Correct Content.
(Like I give a damn).

There has just been a terrorist attack, a Muslim terrorist attack, one where a car was crashed into a fence by a high value target immobilizing it and walking past the mayhem shortly thereafter is another Muslim with a cell phone in her hand?

HELLO, Remote trigger anyone?

She may be totally innocent, probably is, and claims to be so, but come on, can’t anyone see what I’m on about?

Yet when this was apparently ‘trolled’ by some on social media, both the general media and other “Hug someone quick” brigade, were super fast in defending her.

Hands up anyone with ‘experience’ who would NOT have given her a second look?
Any of you NOT thinking about a secondary device during an event?

After all what was the point of crashing (thus immobilizing) the vehicle into the perimeter fencing? To scrap the paintwork on the railings, or maybe to make an insurance claim? Then the driver goes on a ‘on foot’ stabbing frenzy.
You could argue that he would have detonated a device on impact. Boom.
There again secondaries are how some terrorists increase their body count.

Jeez, can’t you tell this is ‘switched onto matters of terrorism’ London!

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