But he was acting on his own.

Isn’t that what the police and our First Lady Theresa May said about the murdering scumbag Khalid Masood? That and he has no links to IS.

Then today the super accurate (and trusted worldwide) BBC reports:-

The Met Police said the 30-year-old was being held on suspicion of preparing terrorist acts. Another man, 58, arrested in Birmingham on Thursday, remains in custody.
A 32-year-old woman arrested in Manchester remains on police bail until late March.

The latest arrest is the 12th to be made by the Met Police in connection with the attack with nine people released without charge.

In connection with the attack? But he acted alone!

What think you?
Does any terrorist act alone, off his own back, without financing, influence, and without someone’s help?

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11 Responses to But he was acting on his own.

  1. ebolainfo says:

    Oh come on now, Thoughtfully Prepping? No gun, no bombs but linked to IS?
    Terrorism? Really? It really is pathetic to see the establishment call this an act of terror.
    If that is what the lying politicians are up against, they can sleep soundly in their beds.
    How many MPs or politicians died? None? How many innocents died? 5?

    How much financing, backing is required to steal a car and drive it into a crowd? £0…actually no maybe £10 for fuel. That is it. Some bogey man terrorist bullshit!

    ISIS, ISIS…oh ISIS…don’t go out, hide under the bed, table. Give the police more arms, introduce more laws.,.oh save us from ISIS. Pure bull excrement!!!

    • equippedcat says:

      Maybe he was ISIS, maybe he wasn’t. Maybe he was alone or maybe part of a group. Maybe he was making a political statement or maybe he was just a psycho wack job.

      But there is no possible doubt that he was a terrorist, by the definition of the word even if not the mainstream media view.. A terrorist is anyone who attacks innocent people at random with a goal of creating terror in the survivors of that population.

      • ebolainfo says:

        Are you scared? Did his action cause you terror?
        Do you now want fully armed police on the streets? Do you want more powers given to the police/state? Do you want unlimited spying on your onlince activity?
        When we bombed Iraq and Afghanistan, Libya, Syria under false pretences, was that NOT actually terror against inncocent populations. When Isreal collectively punishes Gaza, is that not real terrorism? When The Saudi gang of criminals bomb Yemen is that NOT real terror.

        What BS! One man in a car is now a threat to a nation of 60+ million people.

        Simple test….let us see what they suggesr as the solution to “car terrorism”

      • equippedcat says:

        We have fully armed police on the streets. It does not stop this sort of behavior since police are a reactive force. The best they can hope for is to end the scenario.

        What I want is for terrorists to be dissuaded from their activities. We can cut the occurrences by at least half by not lionizing the perpetrators. If someone goes berserk, don’t identify them, don’t trace their life, focus on everyone who knew them, and most certainly, don’t trumpet or even mention whatever crazy crap it was which caused them to behave this way. Just say “some mental midget who couldn’t get a woman drove a car he couldn’t afford on his best day into a crowd.of his betters, killing x and wounding Y. The victims of this pathetic loser were … Fortunately the moron was killed.”

        A lot of the psychos are in it for the fame; if they know they get nothing but scorn, they won’t bother. As for the religious nut jobs, they have proven themselves to be sub-human. Our concern for them is silly. If necessary, kill them. If they are captured, don’t give them special food or special blankets. They can be treated humanly without prostrating ourselves to their demands. Oh, and in most cases some person convinced them to do their deed, and that person is just as responsible as the dupe who did it. Go after THEM. Don’t let them continue to sit safely on the sidelines continuing their attacks once removed.

        Don’t be silly. One man with a car, or a gun or even a bomb isn’t a threat to a nation. 100 or 1000 such is no threat to a nation. But that one man is a threat to ME (and presumably you) and those I care about. So I don’t want to know him and I don’t want to understand him and I certainly don’t want to make him feel better. I want to force him to regret what he did or was planning to do, and then I want him dead. And I want those who caused and supported him in doing/planning that to regret their involvement and then I want them dead. And if I get that, then there is a good chance that those who have not yet gotten to the point of planning such events will decide not to go down that path.

        As for the solution for “car violence”, the solution is obvious. Cars are killing machines and must be banned, particularly those dangerous looking “assault vehicles”. After all, if you can’t get a car legally, then there is no way you can commit car violence.

      • Scared for me no, wanting to have the means to protect my own, yes.

        Living with a government that runs appeasement policies for the extremists and immigrant scum above the indigenous population, that really pisses me off.

        As for unlimited spying? What you don’t think that goes on already?? If you didn’t think that I find it really funny.

        As for bombing whatever?
        Like I give a shit.
        In the main wars are started for profit by big business and governments to make money. It’s seldom about self defence or even ‘noble’ reasons. Yet the rhetoric is all about ‘policing the world to make it safe’. More like fleecing the world for whatever they can.

        Then there is the Russian threat. NATO using fear to expand it’s bases. Everyone scared is good for the arms trade. The Major Powers favorite money maker.

        Blaming the Russians for everything diverts the attention away from government mismanagement.
        “Hey, it’s all gone wrong”, says we.
        “Not our fault, it’s the Russians”, says the government.
        Total B.S.

        “We are spying more because of the Russians”
        No they are spying more to suppress free speech!

        As for one man a threat to 60+million?
        Yes he is, as his actions and the non recognition of the faith that drove him to it as the clear and present danger in this country will only encourage more ‘incidents’. It’s a sign of weakness to just stand their and say “We will not change, we will not be beaten.” It doesn’t recognise the root cause, it does nothing.

        One man working alone? B.S.
        12 arrested, 3 in custody.
        Working alone?

        As for arming the police. Why not?
        Works round the world, gives them a chance to defend themselves and others. Guns are almost endemic in cities round the UK. Knives a fact of everyday life. So if some little fool draws on a policeman, provided the policeman kills the little sod, that’s a form of genetic screening to me. Preventing that dross from breeding.

        The big picture, I’m not seeing the big picture?
        Nope and I don’t give a toss about the big picture.

        All I care for is me, my own, and those I know who are too weak to defend themselves.

      • ebolainfo says:

        “As for bombing whatever?
        Like I give a shit.”
        So the populations that have been bombed, should have no desire for revenge, or feel angry towards the west (US, UK, France)?
        I just don’t understand that hypocrisy. We pissed around in other peoples countries and then have a national uproar over 1 man in a car.
        Why is it that Scotland yard is withholding some of the crimes/charges of the “terrorist”?
        Sounds like he was an asset to me. The same bogus IS, ISIS, ISIL assets in Syria, Iraq. Who funds and/or support this bogus terror outfit? US, UK, Saudis, Turkey, Israel.
        Here is the playbook:
        1a) find pissed-of immigrant
        1b) or find mentally susceptible person on psychotic drugs
        2) nudge or give asset incorrect information (setup)
        3) prepare cover story/pr once assets acts on bogus info
        4) use “outrage” to get further funding, etc

        So why can’t these arrests be mopping up of their own assets? I just don’t accept the official stories.

        As as for not giving a toss about the bigger picture, you sound like the an “order follower”. A dog of the warmongers…give me a paycheck and I will shoot anyone you tell me to. However, I don’t believe you don’t give a toss. Your blog is evidence you do think about the bigger picture and you do care.

      • I’m sorry to say you’re right and wrong. Once paid, but now care only about my own.

        The big picture?
        My Home page, “What I’m About”.

        From 1980 I wrote articles about prepping and survivalism but no more.

        Now it’s about things that affect only me and my own.

        ME AND MY OWN.

      • ebolainfo says:

        Here we go:

        Britain Puts Pressure on Tech Firms After Westminster Terror Attack

      • Which fits in nicely with my thoughts about government.

        They want to see, hear, and watch all.
        To solely stop terrorism?
        Maybe, partially, but also to pick out potential dissidents aka free thinkers, whistle blowers, and any one else that may cause them embarrassment.

        Wrap it up with whatever paper legislation you want, the one thing government is good at is MISSION CREEP and whatever they do will always end up bad for us citizens.

  2. Brittius says:

    Sleeper cells. Not unlike the cold war. Here, we always thought the British were so talented. They knew the perfect responses. Intelligence, was pure British. Now, England is in dire straits with the invaders. A quagmire.


  3. ebolainfo says:

    Genetically modified midges, fleas and mosquitoes. Designed to carry a payload of synthetic viral material that PERMANENTLY replaces part of your DNA. You offspring will get these modified DNA. You and successive generations are screwed.
    That is a real threat…NOT the BS about some nutter in a car! 100% armed police, full spectrum spying will not stop or prevent this.
    Who is to say that when this scenario occurs it is blamed on some “lone nut, when the actual perpetrators are government backed corporations, testing their s#it on the population.

    Have I lost my mind? CRISPR and Synthetic Insects => new/novel bio-terrorism!

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