Theresa May B.S.

The London’s Metropolitan police force (London) has increased its number of armed officers, but is still 600 short of its target number. However, 5100 troops are ready to step in if needed.

Wow, the UK’s mainstream media have finally reported what was set up 18 months ago

If needed? I’m curious.
The police are saying that the attack on London was over in 82 seconds.
I know the Army is good if prepped for a mission but to deploy en-mass in 82 seconds?

Besides, to actually call in the troops, apart from being a party political publicity stunt, would require the government to admit there actually was a problem that needed sorting out. And there is nothing wrong. The person wasn’t a 2nd generation immigrant or a Muslim, and was definitely working alone (they think).
However they have arrested 8 so far who had ‘nothing whatsoever to do with events’.

So when I listened to Theresa May and her B.S speech in parliament about “We are not afraid”. I’ve got a question.

Why did she run for her car leaving a junior Conservative MP Tobias Elwood (ex-mil) attempting mouth-to-mouth on PC Palmer?
Doesn’t the wonderful Theresa May know CPR?
Or was it a case of she’s more important than a simple policeman?

As for Keith Palmer.
He was ex-mil too BUT nobody gave him the right to protect himself.
He wasn’t armed. It took another to bring down the attacker.
So why wasn’t he armed?
Why can’t we the public get armed to protect ourselves and our own?

No, she isn’t afraid, she’s surrounded by guns and trained bodyguards.
Their job is to protect her.
As for the rest of us?

We’re all just active targets for bad guys to practice on,
and the politicians to shed crocodile tear for.

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2 Responses to Theresa May B.S.

  1. Brittius says:

    Armed officers are nice, but they are always, “after the fact”.
    Has there been any discussion concerning some type of Constitutional document, or a Bill of Rights type of document? I say that, because Britain will be having need to have citizens armed. A most serious matter, considering that terrorist attacks, regardless of how a prime minister spins it, have commenced.
    Westgate Mall, there was a former SAS trooper, armed, who made a world of difference.

    • Yep, remember that one.

      Only I’m kinda thinking that some in the US have a notion that the UK is the land of the free, full of freedom loving, free speaking, truth sayers, who are capable of changing something crap into something better.

      So let’s put that right a bit.
      We have few rights, little that is written down, nothing that the government will allow if it threatens their grip on power, with laws that change before the ink’s dry if anyone dares to argue about it.

      I’m also pretty certain that anyone with half a braincell is on a government watch list as a possible subversive.

      Know what UK democracy is?
      It’s the con that makes you think anyone in power is listening to your voice or gives a damn about you or your cause (unless you are an ethnic minority).

      As for the ballot box?
      With so many brain washed citizens, the media, on behalf of whoever pays them enough, tells the sheeple who to vote for, where, when, and even provides a picture for you to appease the simple minds that then say, “vote for him, I saw him for real!”

      Sigh, bring on the despot!

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