UK Labour Party Stupidity

Article 50: Brexit deal must meet six tests, says the UK Labour Party.

Then they go on to quote all sorts of B.S. which they want or they won’t support Brexit.

Now, even if I agreed with some of their demands (which I don’t), what we have here is a political party (in disarray from the leader down) who for the sake of their precious ideals, ethos, communist philosophy, and lefty views (which vary depending on the day) will actively go against the wishes of the people who voted for the UK getting out of the EU aka Brexit.

Why? To achieve some version of political utopia.
Only they can’t even agree about basic things like if they need a new leader and not “Corbyn the Red”.

This is not a political game fools.
Cock this up and I think you’ll find that the publics patience will only stretch so far.

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4 Responses to UK Labour Party Stupidity

  1. shtfprepper says:

    As the ship sinks, the crew is trying like hell to keep her afloat…..

  2. ebolainfo says:

    The referendum highlighted the duplicity of Labour. They claimed to be for the “working man” yet collectively they sold their support base out. The majority of labour MPs were remainers.

    All Privy council oath taker Jeremy Corbyn has to do is keep asking Philip Hammond and Theresa May, why we have to borrow from banks, when we are they ones bailing them out for their stupidity and greed?
    Why do we have austerity Theresa? Hammond? Tell me Rt Hon Hammond, tell the truth now, why do we have to pay back this debt, when the BOE simply typed it into the computer.
    Out of thin air it came…so why are pensioners, disabled, NHS under dire straits for this fraud?

    Privy council oath taker Corbyn, keep asking the wicked witch May and her purse holder Hammond that question.

    • Actually I see him not asking a lot about anything.
      Some of his junior ministers have more ‘aggression’ when facing the ‘other side’ than he has.

      But this isn’t about leadership persay, it’s more about a loss of direction and a party in disarray. Old commie talk, new wave hugging, and finanacial misfits. All arguing among themselves.

      In truth I feel the Tories love it.
      An opposition that is totally ineffective.

      The losers are the population.
      There are no checks and balances anymore, just dictaks.

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