Another nail in the forces recruiting coffin.

And this is how it goes.
Inflation has increased to 2.3% so far this year.
Armed forces personnel will receive an average 1% increase in basic pay in 2017-8 after ministers accepted the recommendations of The Armed Forces’ Pay Review Body.

Thus they effectively get a PAY CUT of 1.3% with respect to inflation.
Don’t forget, the cost of their accommodation and food will rise as well just to make things worse.

Now think on the fact that Members of Parliament (MP’s) are getting a pay rise of 1.4% to £76,011 next week.

Hands up any rank and file squaddie who earns that sort of money.

So once again the question gets asked, what the heck benefit is there is carrying on in the UK armed forces if you are forced to accept yet another pay cut?

A prediction.
Recruiting and retention figures are going to bomb further within the next few months.

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3 Responses to Another nail in the forces recruiting coffin.

  1. shtfprepper says:

    I never really thought about how much I got paid while in the Army… basically because I lived in the barracks and ate at the attached chow hall 75% of the time. But, it still sucks that the military, probably worldwide, gets paid in the lower brackets. Hell, a security guard at the local mall gets paid more than most NCO’s.

  2. shocker says:

    Crazy, isnt it mate ? No one joins the army to get rich, not in GB anyway ! If anything you come out with less money than when you went in. But the good thing is that everyone (well, nearly!) who is there, is there because they WANT to be.

    • March 2017- 15,000 left across the forces.

      Jan 2017 – Recruitment numbers plummet by 31%. The army recruited 6,910 regular soldiers over the last year – a shortfall of 28% (9597 target). Hardest hit was the infantry, needed 3,480, only got 2,380.

      Recruitment and retention.
      They can’t do either. So something is majorly wrong.

      No job security, no career prospects now, redundencies, legal attacks, bad accom and scoff, and that’s without mentioning money. (Damn I just did).

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