Woken by a scream.

A scream in my head and to a dog who won’t settle.
Damn I thought it was too good to be true.
For ages the dog has disturbed my night, my sleep,
But for the last two nights it’s been quiet.
So I had relaxed. Got slack, felt easy.
Never relax, it opens the mind, and lowers the defenses.

Thus a half hours walk, 03 h, in the fog of night.
Back to the boat, dog climbs on bed,
And I sit here typing, waiting to warm up, before returning to bed.
That childs scream? A memory of old. I wrote about it once before.

Forgotten moment
I’d forgotten the time we’d been drinking our beer
In the safe little tavern in the square that was near

I’d forgotten the laughter of the child so young
With her hair so black and a face full of fun

She was chasing a duck that waddled along
That duck with the beak so incredibly long

I’d forgotten that bang as the popper went off
And the stillness and silence that suddenly switched on

I remember what we did as that popper went off
We’d both hit the deck and rolled as one

I remember the child slumped into a heap
With her hair still black but no longer neat

The grass had been cleared just less than a week
The shoe polish green but it wasn’t complete

We carried the child wrapped up in a sheet
To her mother who was shaking in bare dirty feet

Mumbled “sorry for your loss” and carried her in
The table was small but she lay there so sweet.

We laid down some cash as we’d done oft before
And left to the wailing and anguish of a soul

Why does civil war take the so very young
When old men that day would have easily done

No more running about to gladden the days
The price of that soul was them being free.

Wait. . . Damn it. Not again!!!
Another half hour for another demanded walk.
470 yards in the fog and mist of night again.
Then it ambles off into the gloom and I sit waiting for it.
Back home now, well chilled this time.

Tomorrow, no today,  we were taking the dog to the vet because I’d got concerned about its back legs and it needs its shots.
Dog a bit shaky, sometimes a yelp for no reason and a sudden sit down.
Eating ok, but as for it sleeping?
You’ve just worked that one out.

What to do?
I’ll let the vet decide but this can’t go on.

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