Long night, early drive.

A horribly disturbed night caused by the hound from hell saw me with about 3 hours sleep.
So, at 6 h the prospect of a round trip of 256 miles to glad hand the relatives wasn’t exactly looked forward to.
SWMBO does the motorways.
She likes the fact that everyone is driving in the same direction (weird).
Only it was HGV day and we were nearly totalled twice by trucks swapping lanes with no signals. Good reactions on her part, the Dash Cam capturing everything.

Then breakfast.
A Bacon roll ech (The Christians food of choice) and for me a supersized hi-test coffee.
Yep bleary eyes to warp speed in two mouthfuls.

Now onto the usual mix of roads with commuters, school mum’s, and other assorted low life’s trying to kill us. Personally I love it.
Bring it on!!!!!!!! High test bubbling through my veins, I’M INVINCIBLE!

8.30 and we arrive.
Hi-test has run its course, Whoops, sorry about the fence post.
Apparently I had a lovely talk with someone called . . . . nope, can’t remember.
Still no black eye so I was watching my ‘p’s’ & ‘q’s’.
And when I fell asleep on the couch, nobody cared.
Nice to be loved isn’t it 🙂

6 hours later, One last cuppa, now a nitro mix of Hi-test, and we’re back on the roads.
Change over drivers on the motorway and home in 2 hours 35 mins.
I’m soooo sorry little car, you can have a sleep now.

Yet it highlights a problem.
Convoy driving when you’re young (and stupid) means you can get away with being tired and hours behind the wheel. The endurance power of youth eh?
Knackered old shit me, no sleep, needed caffeine. High Test Caffeine.
Thus my driving was occasionally “slightly” impaired.

Fast forward to a time when you may be totally exhausted, need to keep going, and Starbucks is a distant memory. How you going to do that?

Proplus is my choice and it comes in a pill form of caffeine (50mg).
Yet for me one doesn’t touch even rate a twitchy eye.
Three of them and I’m in High Test coffee region.

Only what if you need to keep going, for day, after day, and still think straight?

I’ve not found something that will keep me going for longer than 6 hours without disastrous effects. During forces time in emergencies, we all used Benzedrine to keep us going. Good stuff it was. 6 hours of flat-out, followed by 12 hours of black sleep and the hangover from hell!

So I’m wondering.
For the survivalist and prepper who needs to keep going, preferably without the hangover, what’s on the counter (or under it) that is useful now?

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4 Responses to Long night, early drive.

  1. Brittius says:

    Not quite, but almost, there. I take it, that you have never driven on the infamous, Long Island Expressway. (Mad Max, would be proud.)
    PS: Stay away from the Bennies. They’re addictive. Double espresso, is much better, and tastier. Roll down the windows a bit. Cold air is invigorating.

    • Long past Bennies. Besides they mess with the mind after a while.

      Hi-test is usually good enough BUT there may be a time when popping stayawakes will become unavoidable.

      SO, out of touch with modern chems, and I’ve never been afraid to ask my peers, was just wondering what’s about.

  2. DM says:

    I will have to check out the double expresso’s…

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