Pay up or no talk

Pay up first – THEN we’ll talk!
EU leaders threaten Britain over £50billion ‘divorce’ settlement .

Suits me as they only THINK they are in the driving seat.
Only imagine if Theresa May grew a pair (like some tropical frogs can) and dug her high heels in. Right down deep until the expiry of the 2 year period.
Who loses on a Hard Brexit?
Us probably, them definitely.
For them to trade with us thereafter has to be under WTO rules.
Tariffs, import duty, exchange rates, quotas, and all that guff.
Meanwhile England ‘should’ have made deals with everyone and their goat for replacement materials and sales opportunities.

Except there is that slight matter of the French and German elections coming up.
Featuring my heroine Marine LePen!
Her and the other Eastern European States voting out (but sadly not the Netherlands).
The “Tausendjähriges Reich” (aka the EU) of Merkel brought down (again) with maybe a ‘tiny bit of help’ from the Russians and the actions of a couple of million refugees.

Sigh. Occasionally I do have really happy dreams!

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