Another Day Another Eurotrash

Spain could potentially veto a UK trade deal with the EU if it does not get a say over the future of Gibraltar.

What is it, day 2 or is it 3 into Article 50?

  • So Far it’s been nothing but threats for 51 billion.
  • EU’s Tusk said the UK must honour its financial commitments to the EU.
    (Bollocks to that!)
  • The EU rules out early trade talks with UK in Brexit process
    (See below*)
  • Portuguese MEP demands!
    Brussels will only agree to a deal if the UK accepts free movement.
    (On your bike!)
  • Britain must deal with its divorce from Europe before trade talks begin.
    (Nope, side by side is needed so stop wasting time posturing)
  • Now Gibraltar!
    (Never did like paella anyway)

The see below*
A hard Brexit is looking better and better in my humble opinion and we haven’t got to the bun fight yet! BUT just think.
If everyone who is geared up for the 2 years worth of pointless Brexit talks was to swap over to concentrating on a hard Brexit. Just imagine all the deals that could be done with the rest of the world BEFORE the EU finally decide to see sense.

Only here’s the fun bit.
When they finally say OK what do you want?
It may end up as “We don’t need this or that from you anymore”.
That and “No, your deal is less attractive than the deal we’ve already made with XYZ”

SLAP! The whole of the EU’s master plan of hurting the UK goes into a bucket of poo as punishment for mucking the UK around.

NATO and it’s future position.
Meanwhile we’ve got to add the US demanding more cash from Brussels for NATO.
The US position is to make NATO allies contribute at least two per cent of GDP on defence.

Europe has largely welched on that deal BIG TIME with only the US, Greece, the UK, Estonia and Poland being good little bunnies and paying up. I’m thinking that this is why Europe want a EURO army. To avoid having to spend on NATO.

Only it’s kinda refreshing the knowledge that President Trump was right all along when he forecast that NATO was becoming “obsolete”.

Just imagine, NATO folds and Russia rolls over Europe.
I’ve got in my minds eyes a picture of Juncker, Tusk, Hollande, Merkel, and their part time EU Army crushed, before Putin has finished his first cup of tea.

Thus so far I’m a happy bunny.
Because it’s all falling apart splendidly.

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