Invasion (Redux)

More than ONE MILLION migrants hoping to cross to Europe are ‘in the pipeline’ in Libya: Senior diplomat warns EU has done ‘too little, too late’ to tackle the crisis.

Tiring isn’t it?
It seems that the best place to retire to is the Middle East and North Africa nowadays.
Europe will soon be re-labelled Mecca, and what indigenous people are left standing will either be converted to Islam or die.

I also fear that even leaving the ‘European Disunion’ won’t stop this invasion as there is a root core of trouble within our nation that no one in power can see is eating away at our fabric of life, culture, and base religions.

Now I’ve seen the results of ethnic and religious cleansing.
Up close and personal.
Not on CNN or the BBC but in real life. It’s not “NICE”.
I’ve also seen the result of the division between casts. That’s not “NICE” either.
Lovely people labelled untouchable, as filth, as things for others in a higher cast to abuse, maim, scar, or kill. Those who get away with doing it through their ‘position in life’.

This London killing. 5 died.
Flowers strewn everywhere, on the news, politicians weeping crocodile tears,
THAT’S NOTHING in terms of numbers.
In 2015 five people a day died on the UK roads.
Millions got injured, some irreparably.
Who weeps for them en-mass.

Yes, I’m angry.
If it hadn’t been some immigrant scumbag, perhaps some other nutter would have killed the innocent that day. Such is our society.
Only we are inviting trouble across our threshold en-mass and telling everyone ‘How lucky we are to have them’. Industry saying ‘We need them because we have a skills shortage’.

That’s a lie driven by big money and political ideology.

Make no mistake about it, until the worlds governments and business stop their pursuit of wealth, this stupidity called integration, the pandering to world opinion, and wet thinking, this is what is coming to all civilized Western countries.

Ethnic, cultural, and religious cleansing.

There is an answer. A language of old.
How do you stop invaders? YOU KILL THEM ALL.

BUT in this soft world maybe it would be enough to just return them to their ethnic roots.
Born here? Tough, blame your parents!
Third, forth, or whatever generation.
It don’t matter, JUST GO!

Although first you may have to eliminate the cause.
Them who would stop you. The power behind all this.
Also those who can’t see this is fast becoming a fight for survival of our ethnic group, religions, and culture.

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