Somewhere near

The dog was farmed out last night.
I had enough.
Middle of the night and the damn dog wants out of the boat.
This has been going on for months.
Yet what is triggering this behaviour?
A single random beep (which the wife can hear, but I can’t).
RANDOM. One solitary beep.
Never constant, low power, not regular at all and did I mention:-


So what I’m faced with is a 10 acre site with 200 boats of all kinds, sizes, and build.
Some left for months on end, some for YEARS, and one of them is generating a random single ‘beep’. Which, even if I could hear it, could I find it, could ANYONE find it!

It’s been suggested that I put up a notice.
Good plan, except what of the boats that have NEVER been boarded in the 3 years we’ve been here? What of the odd weekenders who appear one or twice a year? That’s 80% of the boats.

I know what is happening here.
The very enjoyment of the peaceful retreat from town living, and the most aggressive sound we hear is ducks fighting or the tapping of their beaks as they clean the algae off the hull, has heightened our sense of hearing.

Fine. Like I care.
Like stopping smoking, I can now taste my food. It’s a good thing that everything is returning to what it should be.
Thus rain, storm, turf wars duck style, I’m asleep though the lot of it.
Only the dog now awakes to it even if given a sleeping pill from the vets!
And that wakes me up.

‘So let the wife take the dog out’, some may say.
Nope, call it old-fashioned but her walking alone, at times on slippery decking, at night, is not going to happen. That and she is still recovering from Cancer!

Besides to get in and out of the boat involves getting dressed, unshipping the hatch to open the doors, which happens to be in the bedroom. The unzipping of covers and the insane jerk as someone gets on or off the boat. Stay asleep? You wish.

I’ve got four choices.

  • Move (which will be happening later this year but I know won’t make the blindest difference).
  • Give up the boat and go onto land (which will only make matters worse)
  • Take the dog to a range and give it tinnitus. (Two 12g shells should do that).
  • OR RE-home the dog.

Cruel, mean, heartless? Ultimately it’s a just a dog.

Only what if I do find this elusive beep and somehow manage to stop it?
What’s next? The dog alarming up because some sparrow farts !!!!!!!!!

It’s time for a decision and on the rush.

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