Accounts Reckoning.

How they read is kinda bumsy.
What it boils down to is it’s crunch time and simple economics.
There is too little money coming in to keep living as we are now.

A number of things have affected us.
The rising cost of licensing (+42%), rent (+29%), compulsory insurances (+12%), and a change in government bureaucracy (+110%).

Our actual running costs are down.
Food, fuel, and day-to-day expenditure has been decreasing every year for a number of years. Only frugal living can keep you going for just so long.
Then you reach a point where everything just fails.
Or, in this case, inflation. Officially ~2% but on the shelves ~4%.

Thus we find ourself owning a lovely home (be it floating) which is now a financial burden.
This year will end with us not owing a penny to a soul no matter what but if we continue along our present course, winter will boil down to heat or eat.
After that it would have got really bad.

Never lenders or borrowers we always pay our way.
Call it pride, our values, or whatever, to owe something to someone (even if that someone is from questionable parenthood) is abhorrent to us.

We aren’t alone though.
Locally four others are all singing the same song and I’m pretty certain there will be many more across our land. Worse bit about it? We’re all of senior age.

So what’s the solution?
After a long debate we’ve decided to sell up now rather than carry on until we enter debt country as debt is fatal on a fixed income.
In our view it’s also going to be better to convert what tangible assets we have into money and look for something else by our timetable not someone else’s forced agenda.

There is another factor, an important one too.
The stresses and strains of recent events have not done us as a family any good.
That can’t be allowed to go on.
Thus we concluded (once again) that if you can’t beat the stress, the obvious answer is to move on away from it.

Are we down hearted? Yep.
After struggling for so long to make ends meet, to be bowed by the sudden increase of weighty officialdom seems like a personal failure.

It’s not though.
We’ve nothing to be ashamed of or even have to question our actions about something we did or didn’t do.  Government brings everyone down eventually.

Where now? Good question.
To do what?  Another Good question.

The only thing we know is standing together we are strong.
That and makes it easy to prop the other up.
We’re also not broken, just a little bit bowed for the moment.

Paul & Di Gray.

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5 Responses to Accounts Reckoning.

  1. shtfprepper says:

    I really wish we could help you in some way.

  2. DM says:

    We were in different but similar circumstances 3 years ago.

    Glad you and the Mrs are staying in touch w/ the rest of us via your blogs…DM

  3. United we stand, and we won’t be beaten. Bruised maybe, but beaten? No.

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