Now you find your friends.

Interesting is human nature.
Firstly I’d like to thank my Personal Troll for hoping we die a painful financial death.
Been there, it didn’t happen, it will never happen, because unlike trolls, we solve problems, we don’t generate them.

Now back to the real people in life.
Four boats have left in quick succession and the question on the Sheeple’s lips has been why? So, when asked, we’ve been telling them. It’s financial and a loss of trust.
The shock on their faces is either a result of a couple of years in acting school or genuine surprise which turns to head shaking as it sinks in.

Then comes the next question. Are we going too?
Answered with a brief, “Yes.”
“Oh”, is the common reply to that.

The why they now know,
To where is a bit more complicated, basically because we don’t want them to know.
The when is then what really screws them because we are moving so fast.
After that it’s why aren’t you using the boat brokerage here?
It’s that trust issue again and why would we use the boat brokerage here when they are a major contributing cause to our problem. Heads nod at that one, something they can understand.

After that it’s a general chat about how things have got bad, how the ‘friendliness’ has gone out of the residential boaters, and worries about their future. That’s difficult to handle because in most cases I don’t give a flying fk’ about their worries as I’ve got plenty to worry about regarding the 2½ of us.

It is however noticeable that a few are openly exploring alternative mooring as:-
“If this is happening to the residentials, after they have all left, it’s got to be our turn for a rate hike.” I usually smile thinking, “Light Bulb Moment”.

Yet a few make comments like “If there is anything we can do”. That’s nice.
“Keep in touch”. That’s sort of SOP when boaters part.
Advice comes about who is best people to sell the boat. Useful.
And we’ve had a lot of invites for meals , coffee’s, and drinks. That’s also nice.
(Even though we don’t drink).

Ultimately the consensus is what is happening is bad, for us, ultimately for them, and looks personal i.e. targeted at the narrowboats.

Ho hum. The game continues.

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