They spoke as one.

MEPs approved negotiators taking a tough line during Brexit talks, by a margin of 560-133, following the two-hour debate in Strasbourg.

The European Parliament insisted Britain must meet all its financial obligations and rejected any “cherry-picking” of privileged access to the single market for sectors of the UK economy such as financial services. The draft resolution insists Britain must meet all its financial obligations to the bloc, which some estimates have put as high as £56 billion.

Which leaves the UK with no option but enact a HARD BREXIT.

Well done Europe.
In less than a week the decision-making has been made easy.
We don’t need to waste anymore time and money talking to you fools.
Please arrange transport to pick up your citizens that will be returning.
As for anymore money? Fat chance.

Enjoy the black hole in your finances because your sales figures are about to bomb!

HOWEVER, as other EU member states leave.
Feel free to enter into negotiations with the now free Untied Kingdom.
You’re likely to get a good deal in your home currency unlike your Luddite colleagues.

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