Easter Rain

Ever had that feeling the world is out to get you?
The closer our river trip gets, the more I watch the weather forecast.
And someone up there doesn’t like me.
The first 3 days where we’ll be on the river, the forecast is for rain.
Now ordinarily we wouldn’t care BUT add high winds and our light craft (all 6½ tonnes, 12.5 metres, of her dripping wet) can be a handful.

One of the major problems of being on a timetable and river travel will always be the weather as 24 hours AFTER the rain, water levels can rise dramatically.

So, 46 miles (74km), with 17 locks is the first leg.
That usually takes us three days.
Once through that, we’re on the canals and flooding ceases to be a worry.

Provided we can get above the first 8 locks before the river rises, i.e. day one and two, we ‘should’ be in gentler waters. After that, the river rise is usually less than 3 feet while in our current mooring it’s more like 3 metres!

The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

On top of that is the need to strip the boat to the essentials as ‘what be boated up river’, will have to be carried back!
That also goes for supplies.
It’s a tight schedule, no time for shopping, so 9 days worth of easy to cook basic foodstuff, plus 36 litres of bottled water (the Baby Berkfeld going into storage), 30 litres of fuel (yes the boat drinks less than we do), 1st aid, meds, and a sh’t load of admin stuff, plus the usual clothing, tools, etc.

It’s not so much re-planning a BOB or GOOD bag each either.
More finding a large enough sack, having a rucksack each, and plenty of bin bags.

Sigh, We’re going to need a really long holiday after all this!

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  1. DM says:

    sounds like a riverboat captain test.

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