Storage Day

It might seem mundane but right now it’s part of a rolling program for us.
The first part of getting everything out of the boat prior to our adventure started today in earnest. 41 feet of boat, 29 feet of cabin, and it’s amazing just how much junk you can cram into such a little space.

Luckily all our ‘fabric’ type things were already boxed under the bed in vacuum storage bags but opening and emptying the wardrobe, shower room (converted in to even more storage), drawer unit, head lockers, (and the list goes on) saw both of us visibly sag as everything was piled on the double bed.

Then we checked everything with the sniff test.
Yep, a VERY LARGE bag of washing appeared as although everything was clean, being stuck in a cupboard for a few months makes things smell a bit ‘musty’.

As for boxing and trolleying of the assembled chattels to the car?
I was shattered before 8 h.
Then after visiting the lock up, via a bacon roll and a large hi-Test coffee, we did it all again! Talk about being crackers.

Our storage unit is huge (not). 4 x 4 x 8 feet (128 cubic feet).
So in two trips, ~40 cubic feet of stuff was deposited.

Now I was thinking that we lived frugally regarding clothing.
The rule of three applied, one on, one dirty, one spare, and loads of underclothes.
Yet you’ve got to add to that Winter, Spring/Autumn, and summer wear.
Plus rain gear, boots, cold weather coats, hats and gloves.
Plus one set of semi respectable clothing.
Don’t laugh but I do own a tie and SWMBO a skirt.
Sigh, all that accounted for 16 cubic feet.

Then into the galley (the kitchen to you landlubbers).
OMG, KFS, mugs, plates, bowls, utensils, pots and pans, and, And, AND!
Take a 1.5 cubic yard box and fill it with the most awkward shapes ever and boy does it get heavy quick. Plus all the stuff that just doesn’t fit in a box.
Easily another 24 cubic feet was added to the storage unit and the guard there has finally learned I only react to my given name i.e. Paul and not “SIR”!

Meanwhile the washing is done, dusted, and aired.
Tomorrow means more vacuum storage. I kinda like doing that too as the harder the vacuum sucks, the more the pack ends up like a biscuit. Thus it’s dead easy to handle.

So now we’re home it’s a meal then out to a friend’s house to fix a computer fault.
Bleeding Windows 10.1 and failure to communicate with an external aerial.
Sigh. Some people still don’t understand why I push Linux!
As for using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome? Are you crazy or what!
Anyway fault fixed using a 99th party software driver.

Thus tomorrow its man cave stuff.
Tools, spares, and those 1001 little things that most women either find incomprehensible, not necessary, or “it’s just plain stupid to have 24 of those widgety thingies”.
I’ve got my own special 1.5 cubic feet box for all those and by now I’ve got it sussed.
The box goes into the trundle trolley, the bits go into the box, and then off to the car.
At the other end, there is a little chain lift for idiots like me who put heavy weights in a box and expect to lift it single-handed.
Weight wise I’m thinking 150 to 190 lbs?
Not a lot really but that doesn’t include all the other stuff that us guys find indispensable.
Add another 6 cubic feet to the storage and it’s ALL HEAVY!

Somewhere in this mess I’ve also got to put together a tool roll for the journey.

I’m expecting to be finished (both mentally, physically, and metaphorically) by 11 h.
Then joy upon joy, I’ve got to strip a wall of varnishing I did and start again.
And I’ve only got tomorrow to do it as the day after is going to be wet.

Meanwhile SWMBO is going to be cleaning.
DEEP cleaning as only a womans touch will do.
No, I’m not being sarcastic as we share the home cleaning, always have, always will, except when I’m finished it only looks OK, when SWMBO has finished it always looks fk’g spectacular. How does she do that!

I’m thinking to cap the day will lead to another run to the storage unit, refuelling the car and boat for the weekend. It is Friday tomorrow isn’t it? .
Which makes it POETS day.
‘P’#ss ‘O’ff ‘E’arly, ‘T’ommorrow’s ‘S’aturday

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4 Responses to Storage Day

  1. shtfprepper says:

    Sounds like fun! haha

  2. Brittius says:

    You’ve come a long way since a mere duffle/sea bag, as when in your youth.
    Moving (relocating), seems to have gotten harder as I aged.
    Good Luck.

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