The Big Picture

The world is on the brink of war (again).
Like I care.
Me and my own is as far as I’m looking YET that does mean looking slightly further than my nose for potential threats. Only I start with the close aboard ones.

For example.

  • Money. Two little pensions is all we’ve got. £7500 ($9300) a year.
  • Medicines. We’re old, those come free.
  • Health care. Of dubious quality and difficult to access.
  • Housing. LOL, we both wish!
  • Food, shopping, daily consumables.
    Rise officially by 2.3% inflation per annum.
    BUT in real terms that’s around 10 pence in the pound per week.
    i.e. £25 a week on average. Next week, the same shop will cost us £27.50
  • Fuel. Oh yeah, there is a price war going on. I love that kind of warfare!
  • Public utilities, gas, electricity, water, sewage, and all that stuff.
    All going up on average by 20% a year.
    As an example, £300 this year, £360 next year.

The list goes on but ultimately it boils down to we’re on a fixed income facing rising prices.
So is the prospect of a world war or Europe collapsing worrying us?
Nope because in a year we will have two choices, eat or heat.
The following year we can only afford to eat NOT heat.
The following year it won’t matter anymore.

As for the race issues of the UK?
We have been told that Muslim terrorists and rapefugees are everywhere.
In reality that’s nothing new but at least now they have a snazzy title.
A danger to us?
Probably, they always attack the weak and aged first.
Will the level of danger change in time?
It’s bound to, they invade and no one official even tries to stop them.
After that they are left to do their own thing.

What to do? White Flight. That’s it!
As we do not possess the right to keep and bear arms even for self-defence.

Only will anyone take us?
Now that is the question!
There again why should they and is anywhere truly safe, I mean at all?
What timetable are we talking about for white flight?
Within a year I should think.

So once again, our big picture?
We run out of money in three years living in the UK.
Probably be murdered in our beds within two unless we flee now.
Stay or go? Better the devil you know? Nope, not really.
For some stupid reason I am never afeared to see what is over the next hill.
Nirvana is out there, somewhere, probably too expensive but hey, good things happen in our dreams (occasionally).
Meanwhile we’ll continue to be happy, watch each others six, go to sleep in each others arms, and try not to worry about the inevitable.

And finally my personal thoughts.
“We can starve anywhere, but I would prefer us to do so where it is warm”.

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